Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sabrina gets a free cucumber body wrap – Tues 13.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 13th August 2013
  • The girls are being obliging for Oliver
  • Mike’s lying to Lilian
  • Oliver wants some bloke to run Grey Gables
  • Is Anthea  good ‘un?
  • Sabrina complains
  • Lilian tracks down Matt

The girls are being obliging for Oliver

Aye, he hasn’t lost his knack with the cows.

Mike’s lying to Lilian

Brenda’s been texting Hayley.

[Mike] “Sounds like she’s having a high old time in London.”

Seems Brenda has let Mike tell Lilian that she’s on London. But, that’s all.

[Lilian] “Well, what’s she doing there?”

Mike mumbles that it’s part of her holiday.

Lilian wants to know who she is with.

Mike mumbles that she is with a  friend. The one she went travelling with.

Obviously, Lilian knows Brenda was in Russia with Matt. When Mike walks away:

[Lilian] “Lying through your rotten teeth!”

Oliver wants some bloke to run Grey Gables

Seems Caroline is genuinely trying to get a relief manager through the agency.

But, she’s not been impressed so far.

Oliver’s telling this to Mike, while wishing they’d never let Roy go. Mike’s surprised that neither he nor Caroline can find a manager in amongst the extensive contacts they have between them.

Which makes Oliver think of Harriet and Ray Franklin. They’re one of their hunting cronies. Ray used to run hotel up in Scotland.

[Caroline] “It doesn’t mean he’s suitable, or even willing.”

So Oliver completely ignores Caroline’s misgivings, and calls Ray.

Ray would be happy to stand in. Seems he used to run a baronial type hotel, with a health spa and a restaurant.

[Oliver] “And this way we wouldn’t have to pay agency fees.”

[Caroline] “I know how keen you are to sort this out, but please. Just give me a chance to think.”

No chance of that.

Caroline wants to interview Ray, and get his references, but Oliver thinks a dinner with them both would sort it.

Silly man.

That’s not the way to choose someone to run your business. Or help Caroline relax on holiday.

Is Anthea  good ‘un?

Lilian took Anthea on a site visit to the old mill.

In fact, she’s decided that Anthea should come to a lot more of the site meetings.

And should have full charge of the marble.


Looks like Lilian now trusts Anthea. So, she gets more responsibility.

Good thing or a bad thing?

All depends on whether Anthea can really be trusted.

Sabrina complains

[Caroline] “Is there genuinely much difference between a reviving body scrub and a refreshing body polish?”

[Oliver] “Not really my area, I’m afraid.”

Caroline’s usual reviving body scrub lady is off, so she can’t offer Sabrina the revitalising body scrub she so desperately craves.

[Caroline] “I need to appease Sabrina with a complimentary cucumber body wrap.”

Oh dear.

That sounds horrific for everyone!

Lilian tracks down Matt

Ambridge proper is slightly behind Ambridge Extra again.

It’s really odd when that happens.

In Ambridge Extra, Lilian is on her way to meet Matt in London.

In Ambridge proper, Lilian still doesn’t know he’s back in the UK. She’s still just shouting at Brenda (on the phone)

[Brenda] “Lilian look, this isn’t my fault. I’ve been telling Matt …”

[Lilian] “This is very cruel. I deserve to know what’s been going on.”

[Brenda] “And if you let me speak I’ll tell you!”

So, Brenda tells Lilian that Matt is in London, and that she’ll find out at which hotel he’s staying.

[Brenda] “Listen, I am sorry, I know how hard it is for you … If you want to know anything else, you’re just going to have to speak to Matt.”

Which Lilian most certainly will do.

In Ambridge Extra!

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