Thursday, 15 August 2013

Brookfield’s first calf of 2013 – Thurs 15.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 15th August 2013
  • Caroline gives Ray Grey Gables without references
  • Daniel’s off to Nottingham Uni
  • Elizabeth sold her land
  • When a  calf is born …
  • David’s not bothered?
  • Jolene and Kenton “sophisticated” … ???
  • Ben’s starting secondary school

Caroline gives Ray Grey Gables without references

Before Ray and Harriet arrived, Caroline was stressed about having dinner with Ray, rather than a more traditional interview.

Oliver wasn’t listening. He’s already on holiday, in his mind.

When Ray and Harriet arrive, I must admit that I didn’t take to Ray at all.

He  thought he was being funny telling Caroline what side to put the wine glass on.

[Ray] “If you’re worried about details like that, then you’re not enjoying the company.”

Which suggests he’s not an ‘attention to detail’ type chap. Which Caroline most certainly is.

He started out washing up. Then was in restaurant management. Onto cruise ships. Worked in a big hotel chain. And managed a hotel in Scotland before he retired.

[Ray] “If there’s a rung on the ladder, I’ve probably been on it.”

Well, he certainly has the experience. But, of the right sort? Cruise Ships is most definitely not a Grey Gables type vibe.

Anyhoo … again, Oliver isn’t noticing anything other than their holiday. He’s already assuming Ray will be working there, along with Lynda. Harriet asks if Lynda is young:

[Oliver] “Oh no. She’s been with us some time. Quite a character …”

Ray then plays a blinder. He tells Caroline that he knows how difficult it must be for her to leave the hotel. And he knows how important it is that everything is done right. They can’t risk bad reviews …

(eh? But he just said he wasn’t a man for detail. Hospitality is all about the detail).

Caroline then made an instantaneous decision that Ray is perfect.

BUT she didn’t ask for references.

[Oliver] “Stop fretting,. Grey Gables is in safe hands. Maybe now we can start looking forward to you holiday.”

This isn’t going to end well.

Daniel’s off to Nottingham Uni

He got three As, a B and an A Star.

So, he’s going to study law at Nottingham University.

Well done young Daniel.

Elizabeth sold her land

At last!

[Elizabeth] “We’ve got the money, we just need the planning permission for the dairy conversion to go ahead.”

Caroline will be delighted …

When a  calf is born …

… David cracks a smile.

David and Elizabeth were having a natter in the Brookfield calving shed.

[Elizabeth] “Look! I think you’ve got your first calf of the year.”

It turned out to be two calves. Both girls. Neither with smallenberg.

[David] “You should have seen Elizabeth, she was straight in there wiping mouths.”

[Elizabeth] “Dad taught me well.”

(but note, she didn’t offer to stay and help with the rest)

[David] “Nothing like a couple of newborns to lift the spirits … So, that’s two cows calved, just 178 to go.”

David’s not bothered?

Kenton can be a bit rubbish at times.

He hadn’t bothered to tell David that he’d chosen Jamie as his bestman. It fell to Elizabeth to make mention of it.

[David] “It hadn’t occurred to me. But actually, that’s a really nice idea.”

Did David mean that?

Or, is he a tad put out.

(and again … why  is David the most obvious family member? Surely Shula should be)

Jolene and Kenton “sophisticated” … ???

David’s intrigued about what Jolene and Kenton have asked Elizabeth for their wedding:

[David] “What’s it going to be a, a hoe down in the Orangery?”

[Elizabeth] “They actually gave us something quite sophisticated.”


Can’t wait to see (well, hear) that.

[Elizabeth] “I think with Jolene he finally feels comfortable outing down some roots.”

[David] “Mum couldn’t be happier. The last of her brood to settle down.”

He reckons Jill can now worry about her grandkids getting married.

Pip, Josh, Ben, Daniel, Meriel, Freddie, Lily … that’s a terrifying thought!

Ben’s starting secondary school


That’s even more terrifying.

Wonder if we’ll get to eavesdrop in on him more often.

Elizabeth is also feeling time passing, which upsets her. There’s no Nigel to share it with her and the twins.

[David] “Don’t get gloomy. It’ll be okay. It will.”

How does David know that? He can be wrong, sometimes. Like when to take down a New Year banner …

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