Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pip tickles a cow’s nose – Sun 18.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 18th August 2013
  • Pip gets a cow going
  • Lynda becomes Kathy’s dealer
  • Poor Valda
  • Lynda reckons she’s management material
  • No room for Pip?
  • Lynda and Ruth also want the Rose bowl
  • Shula congratulates Alan and Usha on their marriage
  • Shula’s roped into the Elms

Pip gets a cow going

David’s having problems with one of the cows calving. Seems it’s taken too long, and the calf is too big.

When water over the head doesn’t work:

[David] “Come on, breathe …”

Pup uses straw.

[Pip] “I tickled her up the nose, though, with a piece of straw.”

[David] “Got her going.”

Well done Pip.

Uni wasn’t a complete waste of time, then.

There’s still a long way to go with the calving, so at least Pip’s around to help (for the moment):

[David] “If only the cows would calve at regular intervals, it’s so inconsiderate.”

(also a quick mention that today’s cows sounded far more like they cow-ly self. Even my hound Tommy was interested in them. Unlike some other eavesdropping episodes where the cows don’t sound very cow-like ay all)

Lynda becomes Kathy’s dealer

[Kathy] “That’s a big pile of files for a Sunday morning.”

Kathy has to get a report ready for Martin, for Monday. Instead of being stuck in her office, she’s taking everything home to work in the garden.

But, that doesn’t seem to have reduced her stress levels.

[Lynda] “You do look tired.”

[Kathy] “Well, I didn’t out my face on.”

(my word! How dare she leave the house without her make-up on. *shudder*)

Lynda offers Kathy Ginseng. And Valeria tablets.

[Kathy] “You’ll start sounding like my dealer … although a day off would help too.”

Luckily, Kathy has leave coming up soon.

Odds on martin wrecking that as well …

Poor Valda

Seems the church organ fundraising thermometer is looking grand.

While they gather pennies, Valda is playing on the piano instead.

[Shula] “It’ll be so nice to have the organ back. Even if it is Valda playing.”

Oh come on!

Is Valda really that awful?

If so, why bother fixing the organ if she’s just going to play it badly.

Lynda reckons she’s management material

Lynda’s wondering is Shula has heard if Caroline has got a temporary manager arranged as yet,

Shula has no ken.

But Lynda persists.

Shula still has no ken.

So, Lynda tries Kathy.

Kathy has no ken! But, she makes the mistake of suggesting that possibly Lynda could take over.

[Lynda] “To be honest, I'm not even sure it’s necessary … Hand me the reigns, you mean,. It had crossed my mind … it’s not as if I haven’t proved myself … one doesn’t like to be egotistical … when you really think about it, who else could they possibly ask?”

No room for Pip?

David’s chuffed that they made the right decision to keep their dairy herd, what with milk prices on the up.

Pip’s also chuffed. But she sees bigger and better than David. Pip reckons they will have an expanded herd by the time she finishes University.

[Pip] “Before you know it, you’ll have me full time, and that will make a big difference.”

While David is over the moon that Pip is so enthusiastic:

[Ruth] “I sense a but coming …”

[David] “She’s talking as if it’s the only way to go … I wish she wouldn’t talk like that, though. She knows we would love her to make her living from the farm. And Josh and Ben … We’re not in Brian’s league.”

[Ruth] “Thank goodness.”

[David] “It’s galling though,. The family farm can’t provide for the family, while Brian’s shed  load of cows have twenty odd workers at their service.”

My money is still on Josh to inherit … though Ben is still very much an unknown quantity.

Lynda and Ruth also want the Rose bowl

Seems it’s going to be a hotly contested category this year.

Jennifer, Lynda and now Ruth.

Though Ruth is far from clinical about her entry. When Lynda asked her what variety she is entering:

[Ruth] “I have no idea. The ones in our flower bed.”

Lynda knows exactly what she’s entering. Her peace roses.

Shula congratulates Alan and Usha on their marriage

Well, that only took 5 years!

It’s their anniversary soon:

[Lynda] “How romantic, isn’t it Shula?”

[Shula] “Yes… absolutely. Congratulations.”

You know, she actually sounded like she meant that.

Shula’s roped into the Elms

Alan has a problem. So, her corners Shula to try and fix it.

The Elms serves meals to disadvantaged folks. But it’s struggling for volunteers.

Shula doesn’t sound keen.

Alan explains that she’d only be serving meals, that the Elms has a great team, working with lovely people and that those people badly need support.

Shula explains that she has a lot of work on, and is organising the concert in aid of the church organ.

[Shula] “It’s not something I’ve ever really considered doing.”

But Alan presses on. Until Shula agrees to at least a few hours. But, that she’ll leave if it becomes too much.

Ah that Alan. When he really wants it, he gets it.

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