Sunday, 4 August 2013

Emma abandons the Church – Sun 04.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 4th August 2013
  • Emma’s not going back to Church
  • Where’s Emma going for her birthday?
  • Don’t believe a word Helen says
  • The waiter had his shirt untucked!
  • Sunday Lunch has changed at the Golf Club
  • A second showing at the silent film night
  • Shula gets a whole choir for free
  • Sweaty cheese

Emma’s not going back to Church

And she suspects George won’t even notice.

Why is Emma turning her back on the Church?

[Emma] “Don’t see the point really … to be really honest dad, I was only doing it for George.”

Neil suggests she volunteer for Junior Church. Emma is not amused:

 [Emma] “Thanks very much … I'm more than happy to leave that to Nic. She’s welcome to it.”

Well, that’d be one point up for Nic, if Nic was actually playing this (rather odd) competitive game Emma appears to be warring.

Where’s Emma going for her birthday?

For a change (says Helen).

Though what she’s really like is her and Ed, in a hotel, alone.

Seems there are major drawbacks to living with one’s parents and kids …

Don’t believe a word Helen says

While talking to Emma, Helen bumps into Ian. He invites her for supper on Friday.

[Ian] “You’ve probably got a hot date all lined up …”

(well, she would. If she and Rob weren’t trying to avoid each other)

Emma agrees with Ian that Helen should be out on a Friday, trying to pull. She reckons she’d prefer a night in with the telly.

(or Rob)

[Helen] “Don’t need to. Henry’s the only man for me.”

*shudder* Though Helen has been far more of a rationale and relaxed mother than I thought she could be, every time she says something like that, I can’t help thinking Henry will one day end up with a life sentence …

And, also not true.

When Helen is talking to Kathy about the silent film night, Kathy happens to mention that Rob is going.

[Helen] “Doesn’t he usually spend the weekend with his family, in Hampshire?”

Now, that sounded more like a leading question that purely out of interest.

She’s smitten!

The waiter had his shirt untucked!

Caroline’s hankering to get back to work.

Oliver will take her as far as Grey Gables’ restaurant for lunch. She’s not allowed into her office.

But Caroline can’t help herself.

While having lunch, she scolds a waiter for having his shirt untucked. Then spots napkins on the floor:

[Oliver] “If you’re going to nip pick about everything, I'm going home!”


They seemed to be having a nice lunch, discussing where they could go on holiday. If Caroline ever lets herself be whisked off from work.

Sunday Lunch has changed at the Golf Club

Oh, the humanity!

Martin forced it through. Kathy doesn’t like it, and is convinced the regulars also won’t like the change.

A second showing at the silent film night

It’s just been that popular.

Though Kathy is having to rope in Neil to help out. Martin’s just not giving her the time to make personal phones calls or even nip off to the cash and carry during working hours …

… how dare he!

Shula gets a whole choir for free

It’s the Cathedral choir, and they’re to sing at St Stephen’s for the church organ fund.

The highlight will be someone called Simone, who a cellist, and used to be at the Cathedral school.

The church organs fundraisers are delighted. Seems the choir will bring in money from a new source, rather than just the (rather limited) pockets of Ambridge residents.

Sweaty cheese

Kathy’s has lots to worry about at work. But, she still finds time to worry about the Borcestshire Blue being too warm in the village hall, during the silent film night.

Helen solves her woes. She suggests they wrap it, or just have a photograph in situ.

See Kathy. Not everything needs to be that difficult …


caroline_venezia said...

When did Shula get involved wuth St Stephen's again? Although I assume she's still more involved with the Cathedral?

Inga McVicar said...

You're quite right. It's only been the last few months since Shula has thawed to St Stephens. Which came off of a slight thawing after Nigel died/was killed.

But seems she's a fully fit member again.

Usha must be delighted!