Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Matt’s scared of a teddy bear – Tues 20.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 20th August 2013
  • Matt won’t go home
  • Matt takes Tatyana to a caff
  • Tatyana’s a bad ‘un?
  • Brenda aspires to be a WAG
  • Dmitry’s in on the sham?
  • Matt has pie in a box
  • Dmitry asks Brenda for an investment
  • Evil teddy bear …

Matt won’t go home

Though Lilian offers to give Matt time and space to think about whether they continue as Pusscat and Tiger, she also wants him to come home.

He reckons he needs to stay in London. He has a deal to do.

[Lilian] “We still have Amside.”

[Matt] “You have Amside.”

(technically true …)

[Lilian] “Think of everything else you’ve got.”

She reckons the Mill project is back on track, and Amside’s accounts are looking healthy.

[Lilian] “And you brought it off. It’s your business Matt, not matter what the lawyers say.”

[Matt, in a fare moment of honesty] “I’ve been such a fool. I don’t know what I was thinking. I always say if a deal if too good to be true, it probably is. I guess I’m not as good as I thought I was … I can talk a good game…I’ve hardly got anything I can genuinely call my own. What I had, I let it slip away.”

[Lilian] “It’s only money.”

[Matt] “I’m not just talking about the money, Lilian.”

[Lilian] “Matt, you’re the man that I want. I haven’t stopped loving you.”

Well, at least Matt is opening up.

But, he won’t help wondering ‘what if’ Paul hadn’t died.

Me too.

I’d imagine that, unless Lilian had realised Paul was a bit of a looper, she would have left Matt for him.

Matt takes Tatyana to a caff

[Tatyana] “You know how to impress a girl.”

[Matt] “I did say it wasn’t fancy … and they do a great English brew.”

Tatyana’s a bad ‘un?

(it’s very difficult to tell who is a good ‘un and who is a bad ‘un in this Ambridge extra. It would actually be ridiculous, is it wasn’t just real life …)

Seems Tatyana wants to help Matt. She even reckons she would have warned him off from Vitaly if she’d known he was giving him a wad of cash.

So, Matt tells her all. Including about him having Nicolai Barbarin’s mobile.

She offers to see if she can make sense of the encryption. While she has a look, she slips out a memory card.


Sounds like a bad ‘un.

[Matt] “This is my manor, they can’t mess with me here. This time next year, I’ll be taking you for tea to the Ritz.”

[Tatyana] “It’s a date. And you can take your partner too.”

Ha! That scuppers Matt’s plans for a legover.

At least Tatyana’s a good ‘un when it comes to being a mistress!

(though, I suppose Matt and Lilian are technically on a break)

Brenda aspires to be a WAG

[Brenda] “I could get used to this, lazing in the sunshine with my gorgeous boyfriend, on the balcony of his penthouse. And I always thought WAGS were pathetic, but now I’m seeing what their lives must be like.”

[Dmitry] “You like me better now that you know I’m filthy rich … All this, it blinds people to who I really am … people treat me as if I amn’t human, and I end up pretending soon. What we had I wanted to be sure was genuine.”

He has a point, but one suspects it’s more his dodgy dealings that Dmitry wished to keep a secret.

And whether Brenda admits it or not, his vast fortune must be making him ever so slightly more attractive. Certainly is a step up from sausages and ready meals.

Dmitry’s in on the sham?

[Dmitry] “We bought another 800,000 in stock today, we now have the controlling stock.”

Dmitry also wants to know who else is involved (in what, we don’t know).


What stock?  What company? Is it Matt’s money Dmitry is about to snap up?

Matt has pie in a box

Lilian didn’t want any.

Well, the lady has class.

Dmitry asks Brenda for an investment

Brenda feels left out. Dmitry, Tatyana and Zach often go off to talk business, and she’s not “used to living like this.”

[Brenda] “I’m a business person too. Well, my degree says I am. There must be loads of stuff I could learn, if you’d let me.”

(I spluttered over my coffee when Brenda said that. A business person?!? She only knows how to get a flyer done for milk!)

Dmitry offers to let her in. He’s works on a big deal, so offers her to invest.

[Brenda] “What money? I’ve got about £500 in a savings account.”

[Dmitry] “I’m serious, it all counts. And if you want to be part of something. Let me invest, and I promise you a return.”


There it is.

Dmitry is a conman.

Or … is he genuine, and just wants Brenda to have some money of her own?

So hard to tell.

Evil teddy bear …

When Matt and Lilian get back to his hotel room, his window is open. But he’s sure he closed it.

And, there’s a teddy bear on the bed. It’s holding a heart.

Lilian picks it up, Matt panics and shouts at her to put it down.

He slightly recovers, and says it was a surprise gift. That opens Lilian’s floodgates.

[Lilian] “I’ve been so lonely without you. I never want to lose you.”

[Matt] “No I can’t, I;m sorry,. I couldn’t have let you come back here.”

[Lilian] “Okay, it’s too soon. I shouldn’t have pushed you.”

Matt makes her leave.

Poor chap.

He loves her. She loves him. But a teddy bear gets in the way …

… those Russian mafia types sure know how to scare a chap.

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