Sunday, 25 August 2013

Darrell’s sleeping rough – Sun 25.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 25th August 2013
  • Kathy’s feeling the pressure
  • Kenton’s not got great penmanship
  • Darrell’s sleeping in the park
  • Fallon resorts to shouting

Kathy’s feeling the pressure

Kathy’s worried about the Mixed Captain’s Day at the Golf Club. It’s gold and a posh dinner. But she has fewer (not less …) staff to work it.

[Kathy] “They’re so demoralised .. .he’s got zero people skills, and that’s putting it lightly.”

So, she’s also worried that the evening  will be a disaster, and fewer (not less … ) members will renew.

But she needn’t have worried. It all went fine, despite the staff grumbling.

[Kathy] “They’ve just staggered their way through.”

So, Kathy moves onto worrying about the volunteer night, when there’s a luxury buffet expected.

[Some Irish guy who works at the Golf Club … who he?] “There’s talk of a cold salmon.”

Which is all fine and good, but it’s Kathy’s team that, depleted as it is, will have to cope.

Kenton’s not got great penmanship

Seems Shula is worried Kenton will be writing out invites for the wedding. They were awful last time.

[Kenton] “I wrote them all when I was drunk, that’s why.”

Darrell’s sleeping in the park

Despite her misgivings, Shula seems to be enjoying her volunteering at the Elms. She even sounds cheery peeling the tatties.

[Kenton] “Empty nest syndrome, is it?”

[Shula] “No. I don’t think so. I’m just glad to help.”

She meets Darrell at the Elms, and assumes he’s also there to volunteer.

[Darrell] “I heard there were hot dinners going.”

Shula’s mortified to tell him that there isn’t, as they’ve stopped serving. But, there are soup and sandwiches at 6.30pm. Darrell gets ready to leave.

[Shula] “No wait. How’s things?”

Seems Darrell slept in a park last night, as he’s “between digs”. Shula goes to see if she can find someone who’d know where there’d be a bed for him.

[Darrell] “Might be an idea. Ti I get myself fixed up.”

Later on, Shula comes back to the Elms to make sure does have somewhere to sleep.

He is sorted. He has a bed, and will get a cup of tea before bed.

[Darrell] “And they said I can have a bath.”

Seems Darrell has no work. And though he was staying with his mate, it became too much for his mate’s partner (as they also have a toddler).

(some mate)

[Darrell] “It’s horrible feeling you’re in the way.”

Darrell doesn’t want to go back home to Coventry as he doesn’t want to leave his girls. So, he’s stuck.

Now, I have criticised Darrell loudly in the past (and will continue to do so for the dog ring), but what a shame on the chap. There by the grace of God ...

How long before he moves in with Shula and Alistair? They have room, now than Daniel is away on summer camp and goes to Uni when he gets back.

Fallon resorts to shouting

Fallon seems to already be losing her temper about the wedding. Jolene’s not being very decisive about the party list. That’s because the Ceremony seems to be Archers. Which Kenton does not concur with.

[Fallon] “It would help if you didn’t keep escaping downstairs every time you disagreed on someone.”

So, Kenton and Jolene do sit down to pick through potential guests:

[Kenton] “Chas, an amazing poker player who never cracks a smile …”

[Fallon, fuming] “Perfect to invite to a party …”

That seems to be a theme for Kenton. He wants his card playing buddies.

Jolene wants her musicians. Including her old band, the Midnight Walkers. Though that’s had at least 13 members:

[Jolene] “Like Fairport convention. It’s a revolving door of talent.”

[Kenton] “Sounds more like a franchise.”

[Jolene] “Ooh, and our love lives were like Fleetwood Mac!”

Fallon loses the plot, and storms off to Jaxx.

She reckons they can sort and write the party invites on their own.

Temper temper!

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