Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A guest got the wrong cereal! – Tues 06.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Tuesday 6th August 2013
  • Caroline’s up and at ‘em
  • Where in Borsetshire are there no memories for Kenton and Jolene?
  • Anthea’s annoying, but efficient
  • Does Mike know Brenda’s with Matt?

Caroline’s up and at ‘em

It’s not even 7am, but Caroline’s up and ready to get back to work.

Seems she’s heard a visitor complained because they got the wrong cereal. Caroline wasn’t there to order the right one. It’s all in the detail. Though she does appreciate that Oliver did a grand job.

(sounds like it …)

When Caroline gets to work, the same visitor has another complaint. Seems the air conditioner was keeping him awake. He wants a reduction on his bill. Caroline suspects he’s a professional complainer.

[Caroline] “He quite ruined my day!”

[Jolene] “Sounds like you could do with a holiday.”

Oliver gleefully concurs.

And believe it or not – so does Caroline. They agree to Italy, and Caroline heads off to call the agency to get a  relief manager.

That was easy.

It only took Oliver 2 years to get Caroline away …

Where in Borsetshire are there no memories for Kenton and Jolene?

Kenton and Jolene are trying to work out where they should get married, and where they should hold their reception.

Fallon wants their reception at Jaxx.

[Jolene] “Fallon would so love to do it, you can see she’s getting so excited.”

But, Kenton reckons it has too many memories for him.

[Jolene] “Bad ones?”

[Kenton] “Just reminders of my dissolute past, now firmly behind me.”

(aha … like that girl he picked up …)

They then go to see the registry offices.

[Kenton] “Why are council buildings always painted that dirty green colour?”

(are they?)

Jolene’s upset to hear they can’t have their own flowers. But, takes solace in them being able to have their own music.

Still doesn’t seem ideal though.

The talk of music reminds Jolene of the music she had at her and Sid’s wedding. And how Kenton was chatting up her sister.

(good god!)

[Jolene] “She’s a very attractive woman, Nicky.”

[Kenton] “She’s not a patch on you …”

So – the registry office might be off the list as well. Too many memories.

[Kenton] “I’m being daft. This will do. Only signing on the dotted line, after all. It’s the party afterwards that’s important.”

And for the reception, seems The Bull won’t do (again due to memories). Jolene doesn’t fancy The Feathers. So Kenton suggests the Italian in the Old Market.

I bet at least one of them has dined/snogged/married someone else there, at some point.

Anthea’s annoying, but efficient

Work at the old mill has stopped again.

Seems the building supply suppliers haven’t been paid. Again.

So, Anthea gets a cheque ready, organises a courier and gets the building supply supplier back onside.

Lilian’s impressed.

(but note, Lilian signed the cheque without properly checking it …)

Anthea than advises Lilian on where she can get the tiles she wants, but for far cheaper.

Though Anthea makes Lilian feel guilty for going for a tack, and then for going out for a fag, Lilian is starting to appreciate her. She even admits she “saved her bacon” with the building supply suppliers.

[Lilian] “Doesn’t make her any less annoying.”

Does Mike know Brenda’s with Matt?

Lilian’s still fizzing that Brenda’s in Russia with Matt.

[Lilian] “He wasn’t going to tell me … All I’m getting is lies and evasion.”

Lilian wants to tell Mike that Brenda’s with Matt. But Jolene reckons not.

If Mike knows, Lilian will look daft.

If Mike doesn’t know, he’ll then be worried sick.


Lilian should decide when she calms down.

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