Thursday, 22 August 2013

There was nearly a shower scene! – Thurs 22.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 22nd August 2013
  • Everyone’s shocked at Shula’s charity
  • At least Pip will have clean clothes in Yorkshire
  • Brian has a moment of empathy
  • Helen abandons Henry for jewellery making
  • The picker killed Jennifer’s roses
  • The microphones were off for the bath

Everyone’s shocked at Shula’s charity

Ruth and Pip find it odd she’s volunteering at the Elms.

[Pip] “Wow. What brought that on?”

[Ruth] “Sounds like it’s been quite an eye opener.”

But if truth be known, it was Alan wot made her.

At least Pip will have clean clothes in Yorkshire

Ruth’s bought her ‘laundry tablets’. They were on special offer.

(but since when did anyone in or from Ambridge do ‘laundry’?)

[Ruth] “That is okay, isn’t it?”

Ruth doesn’t want to interfere, but Pip is actually being a bit weird. Doesn’t she want to go?

Later on, Ruth finds Pip crying.

[Pat] “I’ve just been thinking about how much I’m going to miss Spencer, that’s all. I’m just being soft.”

[Ruth] “It’ll go by in a flash though, I promise … And Spencer knows how important it is.”

Ruth’s right. And Pip will get to experience so much that’s interesting and new.

Pip’s also partly right. As she says herself, folks break up when they’re away from each other, Especially young ‘uns.

Though Ruth points out that at least they now have a multitude of ways of keeping in touch. Unlike back in her day, when all she had was a payphone.

Brian has a moment of empathy

Martin’s been telling Brian everything he’s been doing to the Golf Club.

[Brian] “Now he’s got his teeth into it, I’m starting to feel sorry for Kathy.”

Oh boy. If even Brian has sympathy, the prognosis for Kathy can’t be good.

Helen abandons Henry for jewellery making

Helen’s in the dairy, pretending not to be on the phone to Rob.

He wants her to come over to his:

[Helen] “I can’t keep using Ruby as an excuse.”

And she’s already had Pat babysitting twice this week.

But, Rob insists. He’s about to get his first cows in, and will be calving 700 in three months’ time. So, time for shenanigans is short.

Pat then walks in to hear Helen saying she’ll be there at 7pm.

Helen claims she’s going to jewellery making group …

…  Pat’s so delighted Helen’s getting out and creative. She immediately offers to babysit.

[Pat] “So this will be a regular thing again?”

[Helen] “I guess.”

[Pat] “How lovely.”

[Helen, sensing she’ll get away with murder now] “It might even be twice a week …”

To which Pat says that’ll be just fine.

[Pat] “I much rather you were getting out, that’s what’s important.”

(oops. Pat is going to have very harsh words to say to Helen once the truth comes out)

The picker killed Jennifer’s roses

Brian isn’t getting his tea.

Jennifer’s far too busy washing her roses.

[Jennifer] “Christian sprayed them with weed killer!”

Seems they kept the rose food need to the weed killer. And, then asked a Polish chap who isn’t a gardener to know the difference.

(seriously, what else did they expect would happen?)

[Brian] “Never mind …”

[Jennifer] “Never mind! I wanted to enter them into the Flower and Produce Show!”

That’ll be one less competitor, then.

(and Brian’s bout of empathy didn’t last long!)

The microphones were off for the bath

When Helen gets round to Rob’s:
[Helen] “So, I'm stuck with the jewellery making, and you’re stuck with me.”

[Rob] “Excellent!”

And off they go ‘at it’ again.

Though they then were headed to the bath together, our blushes were spared. Seems the secret microphones have learned their lesson from ‘that’ shower scene.


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