Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lilian’s most impressed by Dmitry – Thurs 22.08.13 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 22nd August 2013
  • Brenda’s moving in with Dmitry
  • Brenda can order food!
  • Lilian still wants Brenda
  • Robin says the contract is worthless
  • Nicolai Barbarin found murdered
  • Dmitry is revealed
  • Matt’s room is messy

Brenda’s moving in with Dmitry

Lilian is most impressed.

[Lilian] “He’s got a flat of his own, here in London. He must be an ambitious young man to own a flat in a foreign country. Good for you darling.”


Shouldn’t Brenda know this chap for longer than 5 seconds before she moves in? Call me old fashioned …

Anyhoo, Lilian wants more detail.

[Lilian] “How’s everything going with your gorgeous Russian …”

[Brenda] “He thinks differently.”

(including different attitudes to telling the truth)

[Brenda] “He doesn’t care at all about how other people rate him. I;m sure there’s much more to him that I’ve seen so far … I couldn’t care. It’s been a  roller-coaster ride so far.”

[Lilian] “Couldn’t be more different from Tom?”

[Brenda] “That’s right.”

Poor Tom. Though obsessed with sausages and ready meals, at least he is an honest chap. Just ever so dull.

Brenda can order food!

Lilian’s even more impressed.

Lobster kedgeree, and Brenda knew what wine to choose to go with it.

[Lilian] “It was excellent, good choice.”

I think that’s the only positive thing Lilian’s ever said to Brenda. Ever.

Lilian still wants Brenda

Brenda manages to drag herself back to reality, long enough to ask how Lilian feels she’s coping.

[Lilian] “Truth is I’m not coping very well at all.”

She feels she needs to be there for Matt, but that means she’s neglecting Amside.

And she wants Brenda back.

(eh? I thought Anthea was finally appreciated)

But, there’s no chance of that. Brenda was a “different life “.

(which she must feel she now can have, with Dmitry’s money)

Robin says the contract is worthless

[Matt] “He says the names on it are those of dead children, stolen identifies, all faked. Not worth the paper it’s written on. Looks like Vitaly was as gullible as I am.”

Well, that’s that then.

If a bloke who Matt has only met once says his lawyer says the contract is useless, it must be true.

(seriously? Where is Matt’s brains these days)

Nicolai Barbarin found murdered

In Russia. In a shallow grave.

The plot gets ever thicker (just like Matt …).

When she tells him about Nicolai, Tatyana tells Matt not to trust Robin.

[Tatyana] “A lot of unofficial business contacts and developments in Russia … and some kind of interest in your deal.”

But but but … is it Tatyana and Dmitry that are the crooks?

So, who has Matt’s money?

Dmitry is revealed

Dmitry invites Matt and Lilian over to his house.

[Lilian] “Brenda told me he had a flat, but St James! … Gosh, I see what you mean about the long hair. Rather suits him though … He’s got a lot of confidence, like he’s not even trying …imagine Dmitry at the Bull, asking for a point of Shires. I’d love to introduce him to Brian!”

[Matt] “He’s rich as creases.”

Which infuriates Matt.

[Matt] “As you know Lilian, I’m not the kind of man who expects deceit.”

He leaves in a huff.

Matt’s room is messy

When Matt gets back to his hotel, his suits are all over the room.

He blames housekeeping.

And then gives Nicolai’s mobile to Lilian.

Far enough to get it somewhere safe. But won’t that now put Lilian in danger?

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