Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bearded men invade Lower Loxley – Thurs 08.08.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 8th August 2013
  • Pat doesn’t need words
  • Ben goes to football practice
  • Steve gets the boot
  • Beardy Weirdys
  • Did Elizabeth not notice the recession?
  • Kenton got a remote controlled airplane
  • A Lower Loxley wedding

Pat doesn’t need words

[Pat] “After a couple of minutes, it doesn’t matter there are no words.”

So, she enjoyed the silent film night, then,.

Though she’s not amused over Helen not going.

Though Helen claimed she had a headache, she didn’t bother to tell Pat and Tony until they got home:

[Pat] “If we’d known, we could have gone to The Bull for a drink and made a night of it!”


There’s a lot of life in Pat and Tony since their cows went.

(and that wasn’t very motherly of Pat)

Anyhoo – the silent film night made  £2500.

Trebles all round (for the organ fund, of course).

Ben goes to football practice


At least someone appreciates football to cricket

Steve gets the boot

After Kathy did a stock take of the bar (on Martin’s demand), she finds they’re £150 down. She wants to wait to talk to Steve when he comes on shift.

[Martin] “And then you’ll sack him.”

[Kathy] “I’m not prepared to condemn someone until I’ve heard their side of the story.”

But, when  Kathy spoke with Steve, he admitted to stealing. Seems his wife is serious ill, and he’d only been stealing for a couple of weeks. He reckoned he was going to pay it back.

[Kathy] “But I had to give him his cards.”

[Martin] “And you reported him to the Police? A crime has been committed.”


Kathy reckoned losing his job was punishment enough, and she took the stolen cash from his final wages. She also would have given him an advance from his wages, if he’d only asked.

[Kathy] “I can’t help feeling I’ve left him down…if I was doing my job properly, I would have realised he was struggling … He’s still got a sick wife, and now no money coming in at all.”

Martin couldn’t give a hoot.

Later on, Kathy offloads:

[Kathy] “I wouldn’t mind if he wasn't so nasty about it. The trouble is, when someone treats you as incompetent, you start doubting your own judgement.”

Yup, that’s the result of bullying.

Though Kathy really should have thought about all of this herself, a long time ago.

Beardy Weirdys

The ale festival is on at Lower Loxley,

[Roy] “I’ve never seen so many men with beards!”

[David] “That’s the sign of a connoisseur. You can’t really appreciate the true quality of real ale unless it’s filtered through your facial hair.”

(this post is dedicated to my pal, Beardy Weirdy. Wickerman rocks, duuuude!)

Did Elizabeth not notice the recession?

Elizabeth still hasn’t sold her land.

She is most perplexed. She thought they’d be snapped up.


Has she not noticed most (non-gentry) folks have much money right now?

Kenton got a remote controlled airplane

From  his birthday, from the twins.


Wonder what Shula got?

A Lower Loxley wedding

Out of the blue, Elizabeth suggests to Kenton that he and Jolene could have their entire wedding at Lower Loxley, at cost.

Very civil of her, indeed.

(why didn’t anyone else think of that?)


Hugo said...

I'll have you know that non-hirsute men can enjoy real ale too!
Great catching up you're doing though Inga, you must be pretty tired, but you're doing a great job so keep up the good work.

Inga McVicar said...

I quite concur, Ralph. As do some lassies :-)

Cheers for that! Circumstance meant I couldn't help but fall behind - balance is nearly restored. Good to know it's appreciated. Once bang up to date, I can have a social life again. Such sacrifices ...

Hugo said...

It is appreciated Inga, by me at any rate. Glad to see you're now up to date - go and have that social life again!
By the way, who's Ralph?

Inga McVicar said...

Sorry Hugo ... Ralph ... Hugo! Must have been tired and emotional when I posted that last comment!