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Joe misses Bartleby – Fri 27.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Friday 27th September 2013
  • Caroline’s losing customers
  • Kathy should sue?
  • Rosa has enough sandwiches for Jamie
  • Rosa and Jamie?
  • Rosa does and doesn’t want to know about her dad
  • Caroline reckons Eddie’s just human
  • What department is Mr Hughes from?
  • Joe couldn’t find his slippers
  • Bartleby and Joe, back together

Caroline’s losing customers

Three have cancelled their restaurant booking in the last 24 hours, including one part of 12.

Oh dear.

[Caroline] “I’ve a horrible feeling this is only the start.”

Oliver’s being a tad glib about the whole experience. He reckons the Echo will soon be recycling fodder, and that worrying won’t change anything. He wants lunch, as he has to milk for Ed later on.

[Caroline] “Least there’s one Grundy talking to us then.”

Well, not really. Ed’s making sure that he’s not there when Oliver arrives.

Kathy should sue?

Not another one! But luckily, it’s only Rosa who thinks she should. Jamie reckons Kathy’s just glad to be away from Martyn.

Rosa has enough sandwiches for Jamie

Shame she hasn’t thought to give some to her dad …

Rosa and Jamie?

Well, it’d be an obvious match considering Rosa previously expressed her interest in the young Mr perks.

Seems he called on the off chance that she was working at the dairy. She was.

[Jamie] “My lucky day.”

[Rosa] “You hit jackpot. You get to see me, plus you get a free lunch!”

Well, at least Rosa has confidence in herself!

Rosa does and doesn’t want to know about her dad

Jamie mentions to Rosa that he’d seen Darrell in the village, sporting a cracker of a black eye.

[Rosa] “Oh no, what’s he got himself into this time … I’ve had it with worrying about him!”

So, she tells Jamie not to tell her more.

Then later on, she does want to know (course she does).

[Rosa] “Did it look, like, really bad? …  Somebody must have had a go at him …Whoever it was shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it … he was alright, though, was he? Apart from the black eye … I wish he’d just get his act together.”

Hang on … so Rosa knows he’s homeless?

That’d mean Elona knows, surely?

I know they’ve split, but couldn’t she take a wee bit of pity. Just for a wee bit?

Caroline reckons Eddie’s just human

[Oliver] “Hmm, a very nice piece of salmon.”

Caroline’s not hungry (and by the way … I know Oliver is just trying to stop Caroline dwelling, but maybe he could also express just a modicum of concern, just every once in a while)

She’s remembering when they used to sit in the restaurant and plan the buy-out of the hotel.

[Oliver] “And we’d scribble down the figures on the back of the specials menu.”

In those days, Caroline feels she was optimistic. Full of wild ideas, but also only had to concentrate on the basics to be perfect for her business to do well.

[Caroline] “Now one person has a bad experience and the story goes round the world.”

(damn that Tripadvisor!)

But, Caroline doesn’t blame Eddie for her woes. She knows he’s angry, upset, lashing out. She just hopes their insurance company will sort it all out soon.

What department is Mr Hughes from?

Seems the Local Authority has been into Grey Gables. A Mr Hughes came in to see how they “handled” the accident.

[Caroline] “Hopefully he can get back tomorrow, and start rebuilding our reputation.”

Alas, not to be.

Mr Hughes called back later to say that they would need to investigate further. In great detail.

[Caroline] “And they can’t rule out a prosecution … goodness knows who else they’re going to rake up from the night!”

Oliver is again trying to be calm and rationale (damn him!)

[Oliver] “We want all the fact to come out … they’re just doing their job.”

[Caroline] “I just can’t bear all this uncertainty.”

Neither can I.

Just what Local Authority department is Mr Hughes from?

Joe couldn’t find his slippers

So Ed found them for him.

Bartleby and Joe, back together

Joe’s worried about Bartleby. Ed reckons he’s probably fine.

[Joe] “He ain’t getting the attention these days … I can see him in me mind’s eye, standing underneath that old chestnut tree, nobody going near him from one day to the next, at least only have quick look and chuck him a bundle of hay … was a time back long I’d be hitching him up to the trap every day, we’d have a little trot round the field. He must be wondering what’s going on, standing there all on his own. Probably thinks I’ve shoved off this mortal coil …”

Ed can’t take anymore. And tells Joe exactly what he was after in the first place (crafty auld man).

[Ed] “Don’t you worry granddad, we’ll cheer him up.”

Later on, Ed and George have a surprise for Joe.

[Joe] “Lot of fuss when I was just having a nice little doze … I ain't feeling to chipper today.”

But, Joe’s over the moon to see they’ve taken Bartleby up to see him.

[Joe] “He looks grand!”

[George, to Ed] “You said he was looking a bit fat!”

Well, they do all agree Bartleby needs more exercise. Though he looks dapper, as Ed and George have brushed them. They promise to visit him every day.

[Ed] “Well, as often as we can.”

[Joe] “Bartleby, me old friend …”


There’s nothing like the love between an old man and his pony.

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