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Tom has nae cash – Mon 02.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Monday 2nd September 2013
  • Afternoon teas to save the Golf Club
  • Tom simply adores Rob
  • The Pickers were ever so quiet this year
  • Kirsty and Tom have ham and chips
  • Rhys’ brewing is lethal
  • Tom has cashflow issues

Afternoon teas to save the Golf Club

Kathy's last brainwave was to change the flavour of the soup. Now, she's put up posters advertising afternoon tea.

Martin is not impressed.

[Kathy] "I though it was rather a  good idea."

[Martin] "Advertising afternoon teas, hardly!"

Kathy seems to have actually thought this one through.

[Martin] "Are you suggesting we just slavishly copy Grey Gables?"

Well, yes. Seems Kathy  often check their website to steal ideas.

[Kathy] "It’s no good just cutting costs without trying to attract new customers, is it?"

[Martin]"You really need to focus on getting your own house in order."

But Kathy reckons Martin onlywants to save money when he wants to. The volunteer buffet(and what aout his ever growing drinks and lunch tab?).

[Martin] "Leave the big stuff until you’re on top of the basics."


Impasse methinks.

Martin thinks Kathy should be doing better on less staff (including no bar manager). Kathy thinks:

[Kathy] “We can’t keep up this pace indefinitely.”

(and I also wonder how long the Golf Club can manage to sustain Martin’s bar tab … he had another double whisky today, and lunch).

Martin’s on and on and on at Kathy. He’s onto berating her for the new trend in the evenings of giving away bottles of wine for no recompense. Though she’s giving them out in compensation for their late and cold and dry meals.

[Kathy] “Less than perfect dining experience.”

Which, of course, comes back to a lack of staff.

[Martin] “You really need to work on your attitude to change … you do appear very resistant to it.”

So Martin wants “solutions not problems”. Though he’s never willing to listen to any of Kathy’s solutions.

[Kathy] “Unbelievable!”

Tom simply adores Rob

Seems Tom is ever so grateful to Rob. He’s turning out to be a one-man Tom Archer’s promotion band.

Well … all he’s done is put Tom’s ready meals into the freezers of the Super Diary workers houses.

[Kirsty] “You better co-opt him into the marketing team.”

Maybe so.

But here’s hoping Tom doesn’t listen to him again on anything to do with production.

The Pickers were ever so quiet this year

In fact, they didn’t even utter a peep. Not even the one who destroyed Jennifer’s roses.

They had their leaving do at The Bull last night, which some seemingly some shin dig.

[Kirsty] “Well, if Jazzer thought it was lively, it must have been quite a party!”

Kirsty and Tom have ham and chips

On Kirsty’s invitation, in the café.

She’s devastated to see the cafe has chocolate fudge cake, with their special sauce,  on their board today. Seems it’s something that’s divine, but to be avoided (for the sake of one’s hips).

Tom’s not remotely interested. He’s in a monotone type mood.

[Kirsty] “You haven’t even tried to nick my chips!”

Seems things have got worse for Tom. Bellinghams have stopped the offer on his ready meals. Sales have dropped. They couldn’t give a hoot. Though say that sales may pick up again.

[Kirsty] “You just have to play a waiting game.”

[Tom] “That’s the trouble. I feel like I might have jumped the gun a bit.”

(ya think!?! Tony was spot on)

Anyhoo – Kirsty takes the conversation back to more important matters.

[Kirsty] “I’ve made a snap decision. This is sounding serious. I reckon we better go for the chocolate fudge cake after all.”

Rhys’ brewing is lethal

Seems he’s been seen with bags of elderberries. Locals think his concoctions are rather unusual … and strong.

[Kirsty] “Me and Fallon sampled some the other night. I think I’m only just recovering.”

(though Rhys still hasn’t been heard from … is Kirsty covering for Fallon’s evil deed?)

Tom has cashflow issues
Though Tom hasn’t lost any money as yet, he may do in the near future. Even frozen ready meals have a shelf life. But:

[Tom] “The worst thing is … I've got a bit of a cashflow problem.”

Bellinghams haven’t paid their bill yet. In fact, they’re late. Which means Tom’s starting to fall behind on his payments, and even his wages.

He’ll need £1200 to see him through until Bellinghams do pay.

[Kirsty] “So maybe you should talk to your mum and dad about it.”

[Tom] “I’m supposed to be running and independent business … what will they think when I go running to mummy and daddy …”

Tom wants to prove he’s a success, and knows what he’s doing.

But, he might just have to swallow his pride and ask for help.

Ah Tom.

Will you ever learn about supermarkets?

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