Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kirsty makes a move on Tom – Sun 08.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Sunday 8th September 2013
  • Was Jess at the family gathering?
  • Lynda tries to bring culture to  the Mexican evening
  • Kirsty likes Tom …
  • Kirsty thinks the earrings are good enough
  • How did Tom solve his cashflow problem?
  • The arrival of Mrs Shen

Was Jess at the family gathering?

Rob’s back at the Super Dairy. Seems he spent most of the weekend playing rugby with his wee cousin Giles, who wants to play for England.

[Helen] “Was all the family there?”

[Rob] “Most of them.”

Course, Helen wanted to know if Jess (HIS WIFE) was there. Rob wasn’t offering, Helen didn’t push him.

Though jumps at the chance of possibly (maybe) meeting up with him later. So, she plans for the moment he may call her to his side. She leaves Henry with Pat, while she goes to the Health Club to pretend to do Health Club things, while she waits for Rob’s call. Kirsty spotted that ploy a mile off.

[Kirsty] “Is he back?”

[Helen] “He seems to have spent a lot of time at the bottom of the garden chucking a ruby ball with his cousin. And now it’s back to cow city.”

[Kirsty] “Did he mention Jess at all? His wife, you know?”

[Helen] “He didn’t mention her, and I didn’t ask. I’m sure if there’s anything I need to know …”

Rob does call Helen later on, but only to say that there’s problems in the milking parlour. So he has to stay put.

[Rob] “It’s going to well and truly scupper our plans for later … don’t sound so sad.”

[Helen] “I’m sorry, I was trying to be brave … I know you can’t help it. So I’ll just have to try and be patient.”


I far prefer moaning, grumpy, controlling Helen to weak, whiny, gutless Helen.

Lynda tries to bring culture to  the Mexican evening

[Lynda] “I’ve come up with one or two interesting though … we should try and make it more original, perhaps. These days, you’ve only got to say the word Mexican and people come up with all these knee jerk cultural stereotypes. Mexican culture isn’t all about chilli peppers and sombreros.”

[Ray] “No?”

[Lynda] “Oh no! What about all those centuries of fascinating pre-Columbian history, the Mayan people and the Aztecs .. Aztec society was extraordinarily complex and sophisticated, so I’ve looked up some delicious genuine Aztec recipes, which I’m sure will go down well with some of our more discerning clientele … I could have a word with Jim Lloyd, a former university professor, I’m sure he could give a fascinating after dinner talk.”

Lynda’s tactic was to talk over Ray, hoping to confuse him into submission.

Alas, to no avail.

[Ray] “Um Lynda, Lynda, this is all intriguing stuff … people will expect a Mexican night, so people will expect tortillas and men in funny hats … let’s give it to them eh … less trouble for us, more satisfaction for the punters, If that’s not a win win, I don’t know what it!”

Well, at least Lynda gave it a go.

Kirsty likes Tom …

Kirsty and Tom are giving another Nature walk round Bridge Farm. Kirsty reckons they make a very good team together.

As they chat, Kirsty’s mobile goes off. It’s Damon, but she doesn’t want to answer him.

[Kirsty] “To tell you the truth, we kind of broken up … well, definitely broken up. Only Damon has been slow in getting it … I should have had the nerve to do it weeks ago.”

Then she asks Tom if he has time for a coffee after their guests have gone.

(surely everyone eavesdropping in did, at this point, realise that Kirsty is most definitely interested in Tom Archer’s. Tom’s obviously oblivious)

Tom does have coffee, and also supplies brownies.

[Kirsty] “Hey, you’ve got a bigger half than me!”

[Tom] “What is it with you and cakes?”

They reminisce about a time they had a picnic next to the Am. So long, long ago …

[Kirsty] “Doesn’t seem so long ago to me.”

She remembers he hid the last donut from her.

[Tom] “You just suffer from serious cake envy!”

They have a wee play fight over the brownie, when Kirsty grabs Tom. And keeps hold.

[Tom] “You can let me go now …”

[Kirsty] “Tom, Tom I …”

But, Helen and Henry come in before Kirsty can finish that sentence. Or her hug.

[Tom, still oblivious] “Quick, better hide that brownie!”

Kirsty thinks the earrings are good enough

That girl really has lost all of her sense.

Now she reckons the earrings she and Helen made (in a rush, and without proper practise) are good enough to enter into the Flower and Produce Show.

It takes YEARS to make something good enough for a Flower and Produce Show.


How did Tom solve his cashflow problem?

He tells Kirsty it’s all sorted.

Is it?

If it is … how?

The arrival of Mrs Shen

Lynda has a problem.

The Royal Garden Suite has been double booked. The Hamiltons (regular guests) had booked it for two weeks, but they’ve been shifted to a standard luxury double.

[Ray] “That was me.”

Seems there’s a VIP guest on the way.

A Mrs Shen. A respected, travel website journalist.

[Ray] “For the sake of the business, it would be irresponsible for us not to.”

Ray then very kindly leaves it to her to placate the Hamiltons with discounts, and the like.


VIP over regular guests … that’s not good for business, surely?

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