Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pat’s breaking the law for Helen – Thurs 12.09.13 #thearchers

Pondering The Archers Thursday 12th September 2013
  • Pat’s keeping a secret from Helen
  • Stew means Kathy
  • Tony caught Tom stealing
  • Kathy’s not going on holiday
  • Darrell’s hiding in bushes, eating crisps

Pat’s keeping a secret from Helen

(ah, that’s where Helen gets it from)

[Pat] “Don’t say anything to Helen about …”

[Tom] “Are you quite sure this is legal? Entering someone’s stuff into the show without telling them?”

Pat has decided to enter the necklace that Helen claimed she’d made, then gave to Pat, into the Flower and Produce Show.

[Tony] “Is that allowed?”

[Tom] “Just be careful mum, lifetime ban, blackballed by the whole community …”

[Tony] “Me and Tom knew nothing about it.”

Tom and Tony are quite right. Breaking the rules of a Flower and Produce Show is serious business. Not something most of us would have the cojones to do.

And of course, there’s bound to be trouble.

Especially as Kirsty is also entering her and Helen’s earrings into the Show as well.

Which means folks will wonder about the vast difference in quality between Helen’s necklace and her earrings …

Stew means Kathy

Kathy means Tony’s devastated.

Not sure if I’ve just missed this before, but Pat making Stew automatically told Tony that Kathy was due round.

He hasn’t moaned about Kathy being at bridge Farm in a while, but, I suppose Kathy has been fairly quiet recently. She hasn’t needed to have a long moan at Pat … until Martyn.

Tony caught Tom stealing

Tony’s been through the accounts. He noticed £1,200 going out, with no payment reference. Then it coming back in again a few days later.

He works out that the money went to, and came back in from, Tom’s business account.

[Tony] “You took it from the farm account without even telling us!”

Tom can’t see what the problem is. He paid it right back.

[Tony] “Whatever the excuse, you can’t go using the farm account as your own private piggy bank … you thought you’d just help yourself.”

[Pat] “Let’s try and talk about this calmly and quietly.”

(not a chance!)

Tom tries to explain why he needed the cash. It was purely a late payment from Bellinghams.

[Tony] “What you mean is you took the wrong advice from your friend, Rob Titchener … And then had to cover it up by taking money from the farm account.”

[Pat] “Tony!”

[Tom] “Dad, that is simply not true. And so unfair Tom … That money had nothing to do with Rob’s advice.”


So why not be upfront about needing the cash flow?

[Pat] “Next time you need a short term loan, you only need to ask.”

[Tom] “There won’t be a next time.”

[Tony] “Oh really, promise?”

Course he can’t.

With all those unsold ready meals jamming Tom’s cash, things are going to get far worse before they get better,

Kathy’s not going on holiday

(we didn’t see that coming, did we?)

Martyn’s winding Kathy up yet again.

He’s demanding that he be sent all the applications for the chef position so that he can make a shortlist. He’ll also interview with Kathy.

She’d normally do all of that herself.

[Kathy] “So, do I have any say in this recruitment at all?”

[Martyn] “That’s entirely up to you. Any comments you’d like to make will be duly noted.”

She takes it that Martyn doesn’t trust hire to hire staff. Which, of course, he doesn’t.

Martyn wants to hold the interviews a week after next, which is when Kathy had booked time off.

Martyn wants to know where she’s going. But she hasn’t booked anywhere. Yet.

[Martyn] “Hardly the best time to go away, is it? … If this job really means that much to you, shouldn’t you be thinking hard about your priorities.”

So, Kathy agrees to cancel.

[Martyn] “Good. I think, for once, you've made the right decision.”

Odds on Kathy has a breakdown before October’s out …

Later on, Kathy’s round at Pat’s (Tony’s probably scarpered). They’re on the vino.

[Pat] “Perhaps we should save time, and drink it straight from the bottle.”

[Kathy] “It’s just more of the same, I suppose … I know I should try and rise above it.”

Martyn really is getting to Kathy. She starts crying.

[Kathy] “Am I really so bad at my job, or does he really not like me? Is it some sort of personal vendetta …”

Though Kathy admits she makes mistakes, she reckons they’re no worse than the ones anyone else would make.

Pat reckons it’s all Martyn’s fault.

[Pat] “Listen Kathy, you’re a great manager, You’ve run that club successfully for years. Martin Gibson is a nobody, a sad pathetic workplace bully. You’re a far better person than he is, and don’t you forget it.”

Good on ya, Pat.

It’s very true that Martyn is a bully. Being bullied at work makes the ‘victim’ prone to making more mistakes. A very vicious circle.

Here’s the but … Kathy could and should have noticed something wasn’t quite top notch with the Golf Club many moons ago. It doesn’t excuse Martyn’s behaviour, but it has given him an excuse.

Perhaps she could get a job at The Bull, when she loses her current one. With Jolene and Kenton so loved up, that’d be very cosy …

Darrell’s hiding in bushes, eating crisps

And gave one of Shula’s horses a surprise.

[Darrell] “I was having a bit, you know, keeping out of the wind.”

He’s also got a black eye. Seems a bloke took a swing at him, outside the Elms.

[Darrell] “It was me own fault. I should have known better than to go back.”

Shula asks if he told the staff, or the Police.

[Darrell] “And say what?” Do you think they’d be bothered?”

(he has a point)

So, now he has no bed, and no proper food. Hid dinner is a packet of crisps.

Shula insist he comes back to hers for shepherd’s pie. And while there, she gifts him one of Alistair’s old jackets.

Shula also wants Darrell to try the Elms again. She’ll have a word with the staff for him.

Well, unless the ban the bloke who punched him, surely that’ll just make matters worse?

And, lest we forget, with Daniel away, Shula now has a spare room …


caroline_venezia said...

I'm amazed Kathy didn't apply for the Grey Gables health club manager's job as soon as she heard about it. I'd certainly have told Martyn to stick his job long before now.

(Btw we did laugh at 'Take your mistress to work day' :-))

Inga McVicar said...

Ruby just left a comment wondering if Kathy will be Gray Gables' new manager ... aha! That'd be a neat solution.

Cheers! Helen is such a fool.

caroline_venezia said...

Mm, after all that's happened to her in the past - I can't imagine what's going to happen to her when it all goes pear-shaped. I don't think there's any possibility that Rob will turn out to be alright, do you? Although it is currently looking like the story of - what was Amy's wrong'un called? - all over again, isn't it?

Inga McVicar said...

Aye, it's a tricky one. The obvious result will be Rob not leaving his wife, Helen then descending into a depression of epic proportions. BUT then again - maybe Rob is genuinely into Helen, and all will be well.

I suspect it won't turn out well. Tends not to for the 3rd party involved in a marriage breaking down.

Carl ... what a slime!