Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Archers Sun 5th Dec 2010: Clarrie takes a fall

  • Torture for Lily and Freddie
  • Fun for Elizabeth and Nigel
  • Joe is trying to ‘stop global warming’
  • Ouch!
  • Quite Christmassy indeed

Torture for Lily and Freddie

Can you imagine being a kid and having your own skating rink – yet being forced to watch others enjoying it while you have to do homework.


I really do think Nigel is taking all of this far too far. The wee bairns shouldn’t have to do practise papers on a Sunday. Especially when they have the rather marvellous Deck the Halls happening all around them.

Practise papers on a Sunday for Lily and Freddie – haven’t even got on the skating rink yet (torture!)

Fun for Elizabeth and Nigel

Relenting to actually let everyone have a bit of fun, Nigel is quite quick to let himself and Elizabeth enjoy the ice rink.

[Elizabeth] “It’s nice to think I can still do swan if I try”

[Nigel] “I feel like more some kind of duck”

[Elizabeth] “I think you look handsome and distinguished”

[Nigel] “Gosh – how romantic!”

And fun, Nigel. Fun.

Indeed – fun for all the family (you child slave driver!)

Joe is trying to ‘stop global warming’

Well, that’s his reason (today) for the seasonal trap rides with Bartleby.

Nothing to do with earning a few bob then …

Joe never does mean any harm with his scams, and I do feel really quite sorry for him with the utter failure of this one. He’s out in the cold all day, without much to show for his efforts.

Still, it sounds like Joe is about to expand out in kissing boughs and mistletoes. So maybe those will prove more fruitful.

But Saint Clarrie brightens his day by buying a ride off of him home – which will get both of them back out of the cold (if utterly missing the point of earning more for the Grundy household).


Now that really was ironic.

After having a marvellous time with Eddie on Decks The Halls’ skating rink, and then telling Joe to watch is steps on the icy path at home, Clarrie herself slips, and goes crashing down.

Joe and Kathy take Clarrie off to hospital, with Eddie rushing from Lower Loxley to then find out that Clarrie’s actually broken her wrist.

[Eddie] “Marvellous ain’t it … you goes skating … then slips on the path”

[Clarrie] “I can’t believe I could do such a stupid thing!”

[ Clarrie] “I’m going to be in plaster for 6 weeks … right before Christmas… how am I going to work … Christmas shipping and the dinner to cook and a house to clean and the turkeys to pluck”

Phew! And she only has her Grundy menfolk to depend on, so we can only hope Nic, Emma and the rest of the Ambridge women can manage to fill the massive vacuum that is Clarrie.

Very old fashioned indeed, but the fact remains Clarrie does for all, with the men in her life only creating grief.

Quite Christmassy indeed

I know the carols, ice skating and talk of lovely decorations and markets will have struck horror into those who can’t abide this time of year.

But I love it.

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