Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Archers Thurs 9th Dec 2010: Pip is a bit of a Sherlock

  • “Decision made”
  • Lynda tried to make Ruth be a rat
  • Eddie also has a use
  • Hurrah! A use for Pip and a use for her survey!
  • Jazzer wants to know how to kill a turkey
  • “Look out all you lassies, it’s hot lips Harry”
  • Was that The Bull that was deid as a Dodo?
  • Brilliant. A fridge in the living room
  • Call the Police, David

“Decision made”

So that’s seemingly that then.

Pip’s determined to go to Felpersham and stay at home for Uni, Ruth’s not so keen, but sounds like David’s had the casting vote.

Pip reckons Ruth just wants her to move away because Ruth has such great memories of her time away from home studying. Pip’s also worried that folks will think:

“I’ve gone for the easy option … because it’s local”

Why on earth would anyone think that Pip??

Ruth has a good point that it was only a few months ago Pip wanted to go off with that manboy x (he who shall not be named), but she’s young. And at least she can’t go that wrong if her parents are watching her every move

Lynda tried to make Ruth be a rat

But sounds like she was wasn’t successful, which is not like her.

I’d watch out Ruth. Lynda always has a Plan B.

Eddie also has a use

Quite unamused with Eddie’s behaviour over Clarrie’s broken wrist (in short – he’s being an utterly useless and uncaring lump), he manages to help out David and Ruth by snagging a bag of suspicious hay he’d seen being sold in Borchester.

Eddie reckoned to hay dealer looked like “a chancer, and a bit dodgy” (according to Ed), and was not one he’d seen around before.

So how is one supposed to tell where hay has come from? Pip has the answers …

Hurrah! A use for Pip and a use for her survey!

Looks like Pip wasn’t wasting her time when she did a survey of Brookfield’s land. She’s also uncannily proved how useful she is, at a time when she needs to prove her worth to Brookfield (assuming she is definitely staying at home to study).

As she checks the bag of hay Eddie slopped away from the dealer, she finds a seed head that is grass seeded dogstail, which is seemingly a typical wetland grass species. Which is exactly what a lot of Brookfield’s land is.

After closer examination, Pip reckons this suspicious hay is a complete match for Brookfield.

Which spurs on David to call the dodgy dealer, but also Ruth to all new heights of negativity.

What was Ruth’s’ problem? She’s normally such a cheery positive sort of a lass.

Jealous that your daughter knows something you don’t?

(and don’t think we also didn't hear that microwave in the background, David and Ruth. Life has moved on since pizzas yet, then).

Jazzer wants to know how to kill a turkey

[Jazzer] “So Ed tell me, how do you kill a turkey … professional curiosity”

Jazzer is helping the Grundy’s out with their turkeys, but could his curiosity be something to do with being happy in the flat, but not necessarily with Harry?!?

“Look out all you lassies, it’s hot lips Harry”

[Jazzer] “From what Nigel tells me, they’ll have to make it an 18”

[Harry] “Grow up”

Jazzer’s taking the Michael out of Harry for his rather passionate kiss with Fallon at a recent panto rehearsal.

Maybe an 18 panto would actually be quite a crowd puller …

Was that The Bull that was deid as a Dodo?

I hope not. After all our hard work on We Love The Bull.

Come on Jolene. Meet us halfway!

Brilliant. A fridge in the living room

Jazzer invites Ed back to see his and Harry’s flat, plus help him lift up a certain new addition to the living room …

[Harry] “Why’s there an old fridge in our living room?”

[Jazzer, on the kitchen fridge] “No enough room to chill the beers”

[Harry, on the new living room fridge and Jazzer settling into a session] “Is this really should a good idea?”

[Jazzer] “It’s a brainwave … it’s party time!”

It’s like Men Behaving Badly, but when one of them actually wants to behave quite sensibly.

Call the Police, David

David at least called the dodgy dealer to confront him, but oddly seems to be satisfied with only winding that bloke up, and being threatened.

Isn’t the Police worth a shot? Isn’t he worried that there could be more trouble to come now that he’s stirred the hornet’s nest?

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