Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Archers Wed 8th Dec 2010: Nic’s the boss!

  • Clarrie’s up to her elbow in it
  • Now Will’s birds are being stolen
  • Eddie emotionally blackmails Will
  • Is Kate going to return?
  • Nic puts Will in his place

Clarrie’s up to her elbow in it

[Clarrie] “Look at me, stood here like a toddler”

Clarrie’s back from the hospital, and is now up to her elbow in plaster. Making life even more difficult.

Worried that she’d have to miss the green’s Christmas lights going on, once again, Clarrie’s nearest and dearest are being utterly selfish prigs.

[Joe] “What about our tea?”

On Clarrie suggesting that they have veg and soup to hand:

[Joe] “Uh, vegetables? … soup … a pie would be better”

Clarrie then points out that if he wants a pie, he’ll have to make it. She’s even generous enough to show him how to do it.

So Joe makes a pie. They all eat it. But it seemingly wasn’t the best of pies.

No food poisoning, but Eddie can still feel it hours later, sitting in his stomach “like a lump of lead”

Now Will’s birds are being stolen

It must be a sign of tight times for all – but first Eddie nicks the Christmas trees, then Brookfield’s hay get stolen, and now it’s Will’s birds.

Desperate times indeed.

Eddie emotionally blackmails Will

True to form – rather than do the work himself to help Clarrie, Eddie pins it onto someone else.

Waxing lyrical about how the family has to step up to help poor Clarrie, Eddie manages to convince Will that he needs to sort the turkeys out.

Honestly. I do like Eddie, but he’s trying the best of patience’s at the moment.

Is Kate going to return?

Will Phoebe sad, but understanding, about Kate going home for a month, I wonder what’s next afoot.

At first, I’d thought Kate was going to take Phoebe back home for good (without Roy and Hayley’s permission).

Now, I’m wondering if Kate is actually going to come back.

Phoebe believing Kate never bodes well.

Actually – considering that Kate and Lucas don’t seem to be particularly solid – maybe Kate will actually return with a few additions to the home …

Nic puts Will in his place

Nic being with Will is starting to make sense.

Simply – she knows how to handle him, so gets the best out of him.

After agreeing to do the turkeys, Will then tries to back out when he realises Ed and Emma will also be there to help pluck.

Eddie’s rightly furious.

[Eddie] “That just ain’t good enough… how can you do this to her …your own stupid selfish row with your bother … I’m ashamed of you son”

[Will] “Think what you like”

It looks like a stand-off, until Nic steps in

[Nic] “Just don’t talk to them … You can’t let everyone down, that’d be plain silly”

Astonishingly, Will whimpers down to Nic’s plain (and quite right) speech.

Maybe there’s hope for Will yet. As long as Nic sticks with him.

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