Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Archers Thurs 30th Dec 2010: The Panto Review

  • Tristam’s review
  • Ominous that Elizabeth is so annoyed with Nigel?
  • Edgar’s lost his spanner
  • Joe’s latest scam

Tristam’s review

[snippets from the review]

“Is feline fine … Veteran directs … unpacks a box of treats … bold casting … never lost sign of the Dame’s vulnerability …”

“… the sometimes over enthusiastic over projection of rat 1 … and the refined tones of rat 2”

“A dream pairing of Danny La Rue and Jimmy Krankie”

Lynda seems delighted about the review. Even though she sighed a ‘hmmmm’ at being called a ‘veteran’.

Eddie and Jazzer aren’t so happy. Eddie was rat 1

[Eddie] “What’s he saying? Have I got a loud voice?”

And Jazzer was Jimmy to Nigel’s Danny …

[Eddie] “I reckon he’s on summit”

Ominous that Elizabeth is so annoyed with Nigel?

As Nigel is checking on the progress of the brooch, Elizabeth still hasn’t calmed down from his a-wandering yesterday.

She’s angry he has fans (because of the Panto), she’s angry that it sounds like he’s now doing ticket sales (because the brooch man asked him if there was any left), she’s angry he’s the star of the show, and she’s angry that he was running around on Lynda’s command yesterday.

Boy – is she angry!

Better watch out for words spoken in anger being the last …

[Nigel] “I’m a one woman man, and tomorrow Lizzie will have the proof”

Edgar’s lost his spanner

Or someone has stolen it.

He’s also furious that the Ice Rink folks churned up the edge of the lawn, where the crocuses come up.

Hmmm. As was said on Twitter, watch out for where that spanner ends up on 2nd Jan. Could be a case of in the drawing room, with the spanner???

Joe’s latest scam

After failing to get Susan to take the last of his mistletoe in the village shop for TEAs, Joe comes up with a new plan.

(TEAs are Transition Equivalent in Ambridge – Ambridge money which can only be spent in Ambridge)

He’s somehow going to make money out of those folks who want ‘the good life’ by helping them to grow their own mistletoe.

Hmmm. I’m eager to hear more (and how!)


Ruby said...

Edgar? who's edgar? I thought the gardener at Lower Locley was called Titcombe.

Inga McVicar said...

Maybe I made that up - but I though Titcombe's first name was Edgar.

Ruby said...

It could be. I wondered if, in the spirit of Christmas, Nigel and ELizabeth had moved into the 21st century and started calling their staff by first names.