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Alan’s burnt his nose 16.04.12

The Archers Monday 16th April 2012
  • Alan and Usha are back from Marrakech
  • Amy’s back from her weekend
  • What’s the problem with Carl?
  • Hattie Marshall is “alternative”
  • Heavy lorries
  • Jennifer is bored
  • Mildew in the wheat
  • What’s James’ side of the argument?

Alan and Usha are back from Marrakech

They had a lovely time, but Alan is also quite glad to get back to his own bed, and to being cool again. He has a sunburnt nose.

[Alan] “I’m from Yorkshire; we don’t really do blazing sunshine!”
Usha does not concur.

[Usha] “It was just what I needed … proper sunshine”

But we’ll leave it to Alan to tell us why we should all visit Marrakech.

[Alan] “You’ve got to put it in your list of places to visit before you do … and it’s so pink”

Um … okay … right you are, Alan.

Amy’s back from her weekend

Though Alan was a bit surprised she came back home rather than staying at Carl’s – she came straight back after midnight.

[Amy] “It was quite wonderful … brilliantly, fabulously wonderful”

Amy and Carl stayed in a lovely, huge, luxurious room.

Though Alan rather naïvely asked Amy what they did … Amy answered ‘walks’ … hmmm.

What’s the problem with Carl?

I don’t know if I’m missing something – but (a) why is Amy keeping Carl at arm’s length from her nearest and dearest and (b) why is Alan, Usha and Alice so desperate to meet him?

[Usha] “You always imagine the worst”

[Alan] “I worry about her. She seems so keen on this bloke”

Amy thinks Alice is so interested because she and Chris are on a budget, which means:

[Usha] “She has to get her thrills vicariously”

Still odd that they are all so obsessed with meeting Carl. But I agree with Alan that it’s just as od d that Amy is being so secretive.

[Amy] “He’s my boyfriend, I don’t have to share him around”

Ach well, we’ll meet Carl sooner or later.

Hattie Marshall is “alternative”

It’s planning meeting eve.

Lynda’s a bit perturbed to hear Alan say that he isn’t going to the Planning Meeting. He reckons he’s already “alienated half” of his family. He also doesn’t see what good it would do. The Super Dairy will march on regardless.

Lynda argues that not all of the planning committee are decided, and they are also unaware of how strong public opinion is against the Super Dairy. Coming back to Hattie Marshall as their secret weapon – Lynda boasts about just how articulate Hattie can be.

[Alan] “Though she’s a bit, alternative … combat trousers and a nose ring”

Whatever could Adam mean by that …???

[Lynda] “You shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, Adam”

Quite right Lynda.

Adam should know better. But then again, he is the spawn of Jennifer …

Heavy lorries

Will be on their way through Ambridge if the Super Dairy goes ahead.

One went by Lynda today, which she got uppity about.

But it was actually going to Brookfield (it’s the start of the materials for the new Tank being delivered).

Wait until Lynda hears about Brookfield’s new system also meaning the cows will be in for longer.

Jennifer is bored

Of Brian’s incessant rambling about the Super Dairy.

With the Planning Meeting looming, it really is all he can think about, talk about and do.

Kevin Townsend says Esther Sutton is in favour of the dairy, says Brian.

[Brian] “She’s about 105, she’s been on the council forever … well, she’s got to be outing 80 … she’s really old school … an arch traditionalist,. All in favour of cows in fields and milk maids with stools”

And it’s okay about the impact on the crayfish in the Am – they sorted that out by just filling out a few forms.

(will no one think of the crayfish?!?)

But the Environmental Health Agency haven’t as yet filled their report. Which could scupper the planning meeting.

No wonder Jennifer is bored and find escape at Grey Gables’ swimming pool.

Mildew in the wheat

Adam has found mildew in the Home Farm wheat.

Brian could care less.

Trouble at Home Farm while Brian’s absorbed in the Super Dairy?

What’s James’ side of the argument?

Lynda’s certainly keen to know. Actually, Leonie isn’t even revealing what the argument (which split them up) was about in the first place.

[Lynda] “We’ve had a comprehensive run down of james’ character flows, his personal habits and his unfortunate choice of friends, but we’re none the wiser what precipitated the parting of ways”

[Jennifer] “I think it’s something of a miracle the relationship lasted long as it did … they do say every cloud has a silver lining”

Quite agree Jennifer. Though hope the Leonie-in-Ambridge situation isn’t too prolonged.

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