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Ian wants Adam to wake up 27.04.12

The Archers Friday 27th April 2012
  • Ian and Adam
  • Jennifer’s third head trauma
  • David’s third death?
  • Alan’s home
  • Debbie isn’t home

Ian and Adam

[Ian] “I’ve got to hand it to you love, you’ve got us all worried, even Brian. If you were looking for a way to take his eye off the ball with the dairy, this is a cracker”

Adam is still unconscious.

So Ian’s sitting next to him in the hospital, talking “rubbish”.

[Ian] “I’m hoping he’ll get so annoyed he’ll wake up and tell me to shut it! …It’s the same thing over and over. That I love him. That I want him to come back. If he’d just stir. Seeing him lying like this …”

On the robbers who hurt Adam so badly:

[Ian] “Deliberate, mindless, brutal …”

(when they’re found, just put them into a room with Ian and a few of his kitchen knives)

[Jennifer] “But I don’t care what happens to them, as long as he wakes up”

(later on, David has been able to identify them from Police mug shots. After all they did, as David kept repeating, also (allegedly) try to run him over)

Ian’s also refusing to leave Adam’s side to get some sleep.

[Ian] “I want to be here when Adam wakes up. That must be soon,. Mustn’t it. It must!”

Later speaking to Alan:

[Ian] “This is going to sound really selfish Alan, but no one has ever loved me like Adam has. He’s changed my life. I love him so much. If he doesn’t wake up, Alan, I don’t know what I’m going to do”

As Ian finally accepts that he should get some sleep:

[Ian] “It means you can stay asleep a bit longer, which seems to be what you want … it’s more than a day since we last spoke, and that wasn’t much of a conversation … you’re always such a grump in the morning. I mean I know I’m always telling you it’s because you don’t get enough sleep, but seriously, this is overdoing it so, when I get back sleeping beauty, I want you back and as grumpy as ever …”

(oh Ian …)

Jennifer’s third head trauma

She’s really not having much luck. Brian twice (I’d forgotten about the momentary epilepsy), and now her son.

David’s third death?

(oh I do hope not)

Jethro. Nigel. Now Adam.


[Ruth] “It must have been so awful for him finding Adam. As if Nigel wasn’t enough for one life time”

Alan’s home

And wasn’t Usha pleased to see him!

Though the first thing he asks about is what’s the gossip:

[Usha] “I don’t think your retreats done you any good. It hasn’t purified your thoughts!”

[Alan] “It’s made me appreciate the variety and richness of the community I live in …”

Just as Usha is about to talk to him about what she’s discovered about Carl (being married, we assume), Ruth calls.

Ruth’s worried for David (so needs a sympathetic ear) and also wants to tell Alan about Adam, so that he can offer his support (which he does).

Ruth later offers Usha her supportive ear if she ever needs it. But Usha’s not for offloading about Carl. Not right yet.

Debbie isn’t home

Jennifer was saying that Debbie was “frantic”, but couldn’t get away.


Work or brother?!?

Debbie really has changed into quite an awful person.

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caroline_venezia said...


I can only remember 1 previous head trauma incident - just Brian getting kicked by Eddie's mad cow & then having epileptic fits (or maybe just one?). What was the other one, please, Inga?

(So glad you're back, btw!)