Monday, 30 April 2012

Adam still isn’t waking 29.04.12

The Archers Sunday 29th April 2012
  • No change
  • The family gather
  • Alan has announced it is May
  • Carl pops round
  • It’s not normal, Adam being still

No change

Adam isn’t any better. He isn’t any worse. And he still hasn’t woken up.

Jennifer’s worried that the pressure in his brain hasn’t lessened:

[Jennifer] “The longer it stays high …”

Oh dear.

The family gather

Alice and Jennifer are at the hospital. Peggy and Lilian are on their way. Though they are a bit worried about how Peggy will cope:

[Alice] “She’s strong, and Aunty Lilian won’t be lost for words”

And what of Debbie and Kate?

[Jennifer] “Kate, bless her, she’d have got on the next plan if I’d let her!”

[Alice] “Well that’s Kate … Debbie likes to do things properly”

Eh? What does that mean? Debbie can only come and see her very seriously hurt brother if she has time to pack. book the right seats on the plane and leave copious notes for the business to carry on without her?


If so, why would Alice defend that?

[Jennifer] “It would be awful if …”

[Ian] “She didn’t get here in time … we just don’t know, do we. That’s the worst thing. We don’t know how he is”

Alan has announced it is May

[Alan] “There it was, Mike struggling to put up the maypole on the green. Proof positive”

We believe you!

Carl pops round

Just as Usha seemed to be about to talk to Alan about Carl (possibly being married), Amy bursts in to say that Carl is going to visit, to take her out. Which is a nice surprise for her as he had been planning to spend the whole weekend with his nan (!).

He’s brought flowers for Usha, and Alan’s favourite wine. Which he’d remembered after Amy had only mentioned it once. Seems he has a great memory.

[Usha] “That must be very useful … in your work”


She’s on to you, matey.

It’s not normal, Adam being still

Ian’s used to Adam being a bit of a mover in bed … he normally has to keep pulling the duvet back over them during the night.

[Ian] “He seems to put as much energy into sleeping as he does to everything else …”

So, seeing Adam lying so still is worrying. Though Jennifer thinks Adam is working hard as he lies there, fighting.

[Ian] “We need you back”

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