Monday, 30 April 2012

Adam wakes up 30.04.12

The Archers Monday 30th April 2012
  • Debbie puts work first
  • What if Amy’s happy to be a mistress?
  • The mention of caravans wakes Adam up
  • Having his hair done makes Adam speak

Debbie puts work first

[Jennifer] “Oh and that’s more important, of course”

Jennifer’s leathering Debbie by phone for not flying over to see (the still unconscious) Adam.

Though Debbie claims she is thinking of them all, she can’t leave her work.

Despite her brother being critical. Despite Brian badly needing help to run Home Farm. Despite Jennifer pleading with her to be there.

[Debbie] “There’s no good trying to make me feel guilty, but I can’t come”

Though Debbie reckons she has good reason. Her deputy’s wife has done into premature labour, so there’s no-one to take over. And she reckons it’s a critical week for negotiations they’re having with the Hungarian government over land that they lease.

[Jennifer] “It’s Adam you see, darling, I keep thinking maybe if he just heard your voice …”

I don’t buy it, Debbie.

Surely there’s nothing that should be big enough to keep you away from your brother, and rest of family, in such a dire situation?

What if Amy’s happy to be a mistress?

About Carl being married.

Though it’s starting to get complicated …

First off, Usha is basing her knowledge of Carl being married on what Annabelle told her.

So, in my humble opinion, this could all be a red herring.

Ruth suggests to Usha that she should talk to Alan. But Usha thinks she should actually talk to Amy first.

[Ruth] “Are you sure that’s the right way around?”

[Usha] “At first I was sure Amy doesn’t know about this … but suppose she does … suppose she knows Carl’s married?”

Ruth can’t believe that Amy would be with Carl if she knew that he was married, but Usha thinks love conquers all. Especially as this is the first time Amy has been in love.

[Usha] “And she’s so inexperienced”

[Ruth] “And so happy”

[Usha] “I just keeping thinking Ruth … who could do that to his partner … I could no more do that to Alan than, I could fly …”

[Ruth, sounding sheepish] “No …”

[Usha, only now remembering about Sam] “Oh Ruth, I’m so sorry!”

[Ruth] “Don’t say it was different, what I did. You kid yourself that you want it so much, it must be alright”

If Amy does know, Usha thinks it’ll also be because Carl will have done the ‘my wife doesn’t understand me’ line.

[Ruth] “I’m not in a position to cast the first stone at Amy, no matter what she’s done”

[Usha] “And I’m not. It’s Alan I’m worried about … he'd be so bitterly disappointed”

[Ruth] “Do you think so? I thought he was so liberal in his views”

Only so far, it would seem. Usha reckons Alan will blame himself if Amy is happy to be with a man who is already married. He will think he’s failed.

So – upshot if that Usha needs to talk to Amy first to find out if Amy does know, before she says anything to Alan that will upset him.

The mention of caravans wakes Adam up

As Jennifer talks to the (still unconscious)  about everything the needs to do on the farm – spraying, walking the fields to start the seasons plans, getting the caravans ready for the fruit pickers …

[Jennifer] “Adam? Adam, can you hear me … nurse!”

Next we hear Ian shouting at someone to get a move on with the vegetables (one assumes he’s back at work). He takes a call from Jennifer.

[Jennifer] “Don’t worry … its good news … I was talking to him and I saw his eyelids flutter … he responded”

Having his hair done makes Adam speak

As Ian is tidying Adam’s hair so he can look respectable when he wakes up proper (seems the nurse doesn’t do it the way Adam likes it), Adam makes a grunt.

Then wakes.

 [Adam] “Ian … where  … throat sore … hospital, why … how long … go on …. Go on, my hair, nice …”

Jennifer comes back to see Adam fully awake (with an obviously delighted Ian), and plays Adam a voice message that Debbie recorded for him.

Welcome back Adam!

(Shame on you, Debbie. Far too little. Far too late)

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