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Tom’s a decent person?!? 01.05.12

The Archers Tuesday 1st May 2012
  • Queen of the May
  • Tracey can’t get a job because of Tracey
  • Tom has patience with Tony
  • Adam’s speaking sentences
  • Susan doesn’t want to offend the extended family
  • Brian really cares for quiche

Queen of the May

Though it is technically May Day today, the May Day celebrations will be taking place during the May Bank holiday.

Lynda’s got the kids out rehearsing. And Susan’s reminiscing about May Days gone by.

[Susan] “Tracey was Queen of the May once … she looked so sweet. She was such a  pretty little girl … Tracey’s hoping Chelsea’s getting picked this year … so would I, carry on the family tradition”

Though Susan reckons that Tilly and Molly Button will be serious competition for Chelsea. Especially as they seem to be favourites of Lynda. Susan also thinks that Chelsea is “not as graceful as her mum”.

Anyhoo, Brad is also taking part in the rehearsals.

[Susan] “I’m not sure Brad’s much of an asset”

(blimey, Susan’s hardly a one-woman cheer squad for her sister’s kids!)

Tracey can’t get a job because of Tracey

So thinks Susan.

(she really is on a downer on Tracey and her brood tonight)

Seems Tracey has had a couple of interviews, but no actual job as yet.

[Pat] “What you think the problem is?”

[Susan] “Well, Tracey … I’m just facing facts Pat. Her experience and qualifications look okay on paper, but then when she turns up …”

[Pat] “That’s a bit harsh, she was a pretty little may girl a moment ago”

[Susan] “She changed …. She’s just a bit full on”

Susan also thinks that Tracey’s lack of skill on a computer is holding her back.

Aha … do we foresee harry helping Tracey out …?

(if Harry ever decides to speak again)

Tom has patience with Tony

(I know! I never thought I’d be able to type that)

Tony’s also been having a steep learning curve with computers. And he’s still feeling guilty that he’s not doing the milking.

But Tom’s being incredible soothing and patient with him. Tom’s even sounding like he accepts Tony will be running the office side of the business.

Though Tom does check up on the work Tony had done when he’d been left alone. Tony returns to find Tom doing the checking – to find that he hadn’t been saving as he’d been working. Tony’s very upset, and is angry that he’s wasted everyone’s time.

[Tom] “Not thing. It’s all good practice”

[Tony] “I’m just a dinosaur, aren’t I. With about as much brain”

[Tom] “We all have our areas of expertise. Look how often I have to ask you about the livestock … I bet you never do it again!”

And Tom changes the settings to make sure the software does an automatic save more often.

[Tom] “Come on, don’t give up dad. Please”

And he really sounded like he meant it.

Mark this day: Tom showed signs of being a human being with feelings and empathy.

Adam’s speaking sentences

And is out of intensive care.

[Jennifer] “Tomorrow they say he can have a cup of tea”

Jennifer’s still worried every time he falls asleep. And she’s also concerned that he might have lasting damage. As Brian did (for a bit).

Time will tell, I suppose.

Susan doesn’t want to offend the extended family

She and Pat were discussing the Super Dairy.

Pat reckons the fight isn’t over yet. She and her anti-Super Dairy friends are regrouping, to see if they can still put in objections about the planning and the like.

Susan most certainly doesn’t belong to the anti-brigade.

[Susan] “We’ve got family connections to the Aldridge’s now … I have to be very careful, I wouldn’t want to embarrass Christopher”

As Pat points out, she also has connections to the Aldridges …

Actually, we haven’t had to suffer the embarrassment of a Carter/Aldridge social evening for a while, come to think of it.

Brian really cares for quiche

Now that Adam is awake and talking, Brian’s glad that everything back to normal (!) and that he’d getting fed properly.

[Brian] “Homemade quiche with a  proper salad dressing”

Priorities, Brian style!

Thinking about the farm, he thinks they’ll need to get someone else in to help. So he’s going to ask Felpersham University for a recommendation. (Pip?)

[Brian] “Adam will want to know that his precious strawberry pickers are being looked after”

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