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Amy means business 02.05.12

The Archers Wednesday 2nd May 2012
  • Amy’s never been to Bristol
  • Has PC ruined maypole dancing?
  • George, the slug expert
  • What will be the village fete theme?
  • After Usha went to the effort to make afternoon tea …

Amy’s never been to Bristol

[Amy] “I’ve never been there. Ain’t that silly”

(erm no, not really)

Amy and carl are having a quiet lunch, in a hidden wee gem of a restaurant. That no one knows about. And is ever so private.

(which Carl chose. Hmmmm)

Carl’s talking about being away on a business trip to Bristol for a few days. He’ll be in a posh hotel and, when Amy asks if he has back to back meetings, he says no. He’ll get to chillax for quite a bit of it.

No surprise then that Amy suggests she accompany him.

(which makes me think that if Carl was married, he’d have spotted what Amy was aiming for, and steered her away well before)

[Amy] “I could be lounging in there with you”

[Carl, sounding nervous] “Well, that would be lovely of course …”

Carl tries to backtrack and say Amy will be bored when he’s working. Though he’d just finished saying before that he wouldn’t be working all that much.

[Amy] “No, there must be lots to do in Bristol”

(is there?)

Has PC ruined maypole dancing?

Seems there was a good turnout of kids doing the maypole dancing today.

Though Tracey’s Brad was misbehaving.

[Jim] “He didn’t really mean to strangle Tilly Button with her own ribbon”

[Jill] “He just got confused. Lynda will sort him out”

[Jim] “I know it's never politically correct, and everything having gender equality, but I’m not sure boys of that age are natural maypole dancers”

Though Jim was also saying that as the maypole dance was a fertility dance, it might have been all-male in the past. As Morris Dancing still is.

[Jill] “Don’t tell Lynda. I don’t think she’ll find more Billy Elliot’s by Monday!”

George, the slug expert

Jill’s very happy with George’s slug patrol efforts.

He’s been researching online. So had got Jill putting her grapefruit rinds out in the garden, which the slugs hide under, making them easier to catch and squish.

George has also put out containers with petroleum jelly inside so that the slugs can’t get out again,

[Jim] “That’s a bit unsporting”

Mais non! All’s fair when it comes to getting rid of slugs. Odious little creatures.

(though should we worried about George so gleefully squishing them? Isn’t that a sign of something worrying?)

What will be the village fete theme?

It’s up for debate.

At the committee meeting, Lynda couldn’t seem to get a word in to tell everyone her idea. They all seemed to be talking over her. Apart from Usha, who was very preoccupied, only really speaking to tell everyone else to listen to Lynda.

She started off mentioning the Olympics, Alan butted in with:

[Alan] “Village games in the spirit of the Olympic games”

Lynda tried to explain she was more thinking of the cultural aspect of the Olympics. Back in the day when the Olympics began, it featured an:

[Lynda] “Extensive programme of artistic and spiritual events”

So, she’s definitely not speaking about sport.

[Lynda] “I don’t think serious competitive games are appropriate for a community event … they simply aren’t everyone’s cup of tea … they are hardly inclusive are they, if they are reliant on a person’s age or fitness”

[Jim] “Surely anything connected to the Olympics is about excellence”

[Lynda] “Excellent is not confined to mere sporting prowess Jim”

Most agree that sports wouldn’t be that inclusive.

Later on, they start having a chat about the Olympics through the ages. And then how the Romans games were played – throwing Christians to the lions, and the like. Alan wouldn’t be pleased about that:

[Jim] “His congregation is as small as it is”

So, what do we think the theme will be this year? Togas for all?

After Usha went to the effort to make afternoon tea …

… Amy and Carl rush in to get her a bag packet, as they are both off to Bristol.

To be fair on Amy, she didn’t know Usha want tea and a chat.

Usha must have been about to talk to Amy about Carl, but Carl has obviously relented and decided to take Amy with him on business.

Later on, as he and Amy are enjoying their meal:

[Carl] “That’s my motto. Enjoy today. Let tomorrow take care of itself”


The smell of red herring is becoming overpowering!

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