Thursday, 31 May 2012

Adam’s been thinking 30.05.12

The Archers Wednesday 20th May 2012
  • Elona hopes Lynda gets her 60 sponges
  • The Queen is deemed a good ‘un
  • A new supermarket!
  • Jim and Christine still estranged
  • Adam’s in a reflective mood
  • Lilian sorts the wages
  • Kenton and Jolene New Zealand bound?
  • Two years since Sid
  • Peggy still gets (junk) mail at Grey Gables
  • Kenton’s new cocktails
  • Jolene’s an ardent ex-smoker

Elona hopes Lynda gets her 60 sponges

[Lilian] “Or she’ll be a few sponges short of a jubilee!”

The Queen is deemed a good ‘un

[Elona] “She’s a marvellous woman”

[Lilian] “Well, she’s lived the good life”

[Peggy] “And worked very hard, Lilian!”

During the war:

[Peggy] “I was only a lowly stores orderly; while she got to drive a jeep … I could have fancied to learn to drive in a convoy”

A new supermarket!

And no one seems to give a hoot. Odd.

It’s on the site of the old mart, so I suppose it was a done deal. Lynda (and her like) must be too busy with Jubilees, Britain in Bloom, and a Super Dairy on the way …

Jim and Christine still estranged

[Peggy] “Oh, have you heard, Jim and Christine have fallen out. Did you know he was an anarchist and a republican?”

But I though Jim was a Royalist. Wasn’t he quite excited and supportive about Camilla’s visit?

Adam’s in a reflective mood

Not working, at home recuperating, Adam’s got time the time to ponder.

He’s been reading his dairies from when he was travelling through Senegal. Some of it’s quite poetic. Some of it isn’t.

[Ian, reading the diary aloud] “Stubbed my big toe on a fence post, swore like a docker”

[Adam] “It’s like I’m reading about someone else”

[Ian] “All very different from an English Country Garden”

(Adam sighed at that)

When Adam later went out for hack with Lilian, he told her he’d phoned his mate Vince, with whom who’d been in Kenya. Vince is just about to go to Malawi to do some charity work, helping to fit fuel efficient cooking stoves.

[Adam] “It’s made me nostalgic … for my younger self. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t have stayed”

[Lilian] “But then you would have met Ian. And he’s worth a thousand fuel efficient cooking stoves”

[Adam] “He’s the one bright spot at the moment … what do I do that makes any impact at all … I’m a cog in a corporate machine .. it’s not why I wanted to be a farmer”

[Lilian] “Everyone needs food, and you produce it … don’t sell yourself short”

When Lilian later has a wine with Ian, she tells him Adam is brooding. And needs taking out of himself.

Lilian sorts the wages

Lilian checked with Elona to see how Matt paid Darrell. It was cash. Again.

Lilian then later phones Elona to tell her it’s all sorted. She claims she took the “thumb screws” to Matt, and Darrell will be on formal wages by the end of the week.

Wonder if Matt knows?

Kenton and Jolene New Zealand bound?

Meriel has emailed Kenton a new photo:

[Kenton] “Suddenly she doesn’t look like a tiddler anymore”

(Meriel’s 11)

Kenton wants Jolene to meet Meriel – Jolene wants Kenton to meet little Sidney.

But, Jolene can’t see how they can afford to go.

[Jolene] “Let’s park it for now”

Ha! Knowing Kenton, he’ll buy the tickets and have Jolene off to New Zealand in a matter of weeks.

Two years since Sid

On the mention of Sid’s grandson Sidney:

[Jolene] “It’s almost two years now. I can hardly believe it”

Peggy still gets (junk) mail at Grey Gables

Must be a very long age such Peggy stopped working there.

Kenton’s new cocktails

Include a Presidential Pick Me Up and:

[Kenton] “Can I interest you in our republican cocktail or you the man for our royal flush?”

Ian declines. Wine is just fine.

Jolene’s an ardent ex-smoker

[Jolene] “I wish people wouldn’t stub their fags out in the tubs. Filthy habit”

[Lilian] “Time was, darling”

[Jolene] “One day you’ll see the light an all”

I very much doubt that. How can Fagash Lil by Fagash Lil without the fags?

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