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Some bloke threatens David 18.05.12

The Archers Friday 18th May 2012
  • Pip’s a Gourmet Burger girl
  • Peggy pushes in
  • All’s well at Brookfield
  • Pip got 79% and is off clubbing
  • Now Ruth’s on heat
  • Bad, bad men!

Pip’s a Gourmet Burger girl

And she genuinely sounds happy about it. Off with Brenda to do her first shift in the van:

[Tom] “You'll be a burger pro in no time”

[Peggy] “She really is proving to be worth her weight in gold”

Peggy thinks they should take Pip on full time. Watch out for that becoming part of a recurring theme for our Peg.

Peggy pushes in

It’s not like Peggy to interfere, but the only exception is when it comes to Tom (he can do no wrong).

She hears Tony annoyed about a bloke called Howard changing his order – which Tom had arranged, but hadn’t written down in a place Tony could find.

Tom then takes her to see the new Poly Tunnel.

[Peggy] “Goodness. It's larger than I expected”

(how did Bridge Farm get that up without any hassle? Home Farm had a horrific time. But, I suppose that had a lot to down to Lynda)

Yom talks her through where the Chillies, new varieties of peppers, and maybe even aubergines will go.

[Tom] “It's a risk, but a good profit if it works. And we've got the space”

[Peggy] “And when are you going to manage all of this?”

Ah. Peggy’s twigged that Tom’s not happy doing the menial work, and that there’s plenty office politics afoot.

[Peggy] “Let's be honest, you;re doing each other's jobs. Tony should be on the farm, while you push forward the business”

But Tom knows it’s a current necessary evil. Tony isn’t well enough to cope with working the farm.

[Tom] “I mean that's the priority, and I don’t want to push him”

Tom doesn’t even have time to play cricket. (I’d swear that Tom was playing quite an astute game here by saying the things Peggy is bound to support him on. But Tom wouldn’t make sure Peggy took his side rather than Tony’s … would he?)

[Peggy] “You must give yourself a break, though”

[Tom] “Maybe I'll have some time to put on my whites in August, by which point we'll be firmly ensconced at the bottom of the league”

Later, Peggy has a chat with Tony.

[Peggy] “It's such a shame his energies are being wasted ...well it hardly makes sense for him to squander his time on the daily chores ... he should be concentrating on developing the business”

[Tony] “And he's welcome to, when I'm feeling a bit stronger … What has he been saying to you?”

[Peggy] “Other than what's patently clear, he's frustrated, he's raring to go”

[Tom] “Well pardon me, sorry for almost dying”

[Peggy] “Oh Tony, will you please listen. Even if you hadn't been ill, it would still be time to give Tom more of a say ... he was brimming over with drive and ambition”

[Tony] “And I'm just a stick in the mud, I suppose”

[Peggy] “How old were you and Pat when you decided to go organic ... so, the same age as Tom then. And look how you transformed the farm. Tom's not a boy anymore, Tony, he's in the prime of life. You should be taking advantage of that, especially now you’ve had your heart attack. It's something you;re need to come to terms with, and Pat as well”

Peggy wants Tony and Pat to bring an extra worker, so that Tom can concentrate away from ‘just’ working the farm.

[Peggy] “And what's the alternative hobbling on financially as you are,  or Give Tom's the reigns and let him actually build the business ... hire some help Tony, I promise you, once Tom's running things, it will pay for itself”

All’s well at Brookfield

Though they don’t have Tom or Tony to help out with silaging, they’re coping well with Oliver and Eddie’s help.

They can also start using their new slurry tank.

There’s a real air of positivity at Brookfield.

[David] “It's weird isn’t it. Surely something’s got to go wrong”

Pip got 79% and is off clubbing,

[Pip] “I need to be extra glam”

[David] “Extra glam! Oh to be young again!”

She’s also going on holiday (no mention of where) with her pals. Spencer’s fine with staying home (he’ll have the harvest on anyway).

With University, milking at Bridge Farm, working Tom’s burger van, Spencer AND having a wider social life – David’s worried Pip will burn out.

[Ruth] “She's enjoying herself. That's what she's supposed to be doing!”

Now Ruth’s on heat

My word! Seems the arrival of a new slurry tank really does something to David and Ruth’s sex drive.

Yesterday it was David, this time it’s Ruth. She made mention of them having a spare few moments … which David didn’t seem to notice.

But he did. He’d heard the hint loud and clear. So, later on:

[David] “We can't let these youngsters have all the fun. Glass of wine, darling?”

But, when we eavesdrop in late on at Brookfield, David’s fallen asleep.

[Ruth, not sounding upset] “Wakey wakey, Casanova. So much for an evening of passion!”

[David, trying to rouse himself in more ways than one] “Oh, right then!”

[Ruth] “Oh forget it. You’ve still half asleep and the boys will be back home soon”

[David] “Well, then I'll be quick. You'll be surprised!”

(the phone starts ringing)

[Ruth] “It might be your mum”

[David, passion firmly killed off by that remark] “Oh. don’t say that”

But it isn’t Jill …

Bad, bad men!

When David answers the call:

[unidentified bloke] “Is that David Archer, of Brookfield Farm? Listen to me David, you;re not going to give your evidence, okay. When they asked you to be a witness, you;re going to tell them that you can't remember what you saw. You love your family, right, because if you want them to stay safe, you'll do exactly as I say”


That bloke must have been watching too many soap operas like Eastenders. What a clichéd way to threaten someone!

But, taking it seriously, David was right to say that Brookfield’s happiness couldn’t last.

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