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A Welshman to play cricket 10.05.12

The Archers Thursday 10th May 2012
  • Will doesn’t mind Nic going out ‘wearing that’
  • Chris would get drunk, Alice would cry
  • Ifty in action
  • Alice drools over Rhys
  • Rhys joins Ambridge cricket team
  • The maypole ended in disaster
  • Alice drools over Ifty

Will doesn’t mind Nic going out ‘wearing that’

Blimey, Will really has utterly changed beyond all recognition!

As he find clean pyjamas for Mia to wear before he puts the kids to bed, Nic’s off out to do a shift at The Bull.

[Will] “I do like that top. Very sexy”

[Nic] “Do you think? Should I change … I don’t want to stand behind the bar looking like a tart!”

[Will] “You don’t look like a tart. You look lovely”

Not even six months ago, Will would have locked Nic in the cellar (if they have one) rather than let her go out looking alluring.

Chris would get drunk, Alice would cry

Seems Amy has gone home, so Chris has Alice back to himself.

[Alice] “You were so sweet. Discreetly sloping off like that”

[Chris] “I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know someone could cry that much”

Alice says she would cry that much if Chris dumped her. Chris reckoned he’d go out on the lash, and pull another woman.

Ifty in action

[Ifty] “That’s more like it. Well done. You got it right in the sweet spot”

(where’s the “sweet spot” in cricket then?)

He was coaching Daniel, who Alistair thinks took a lot of persuading to go to nets in the first place. Though they both reckon Daniel is quite good (Alistair thinks he must have got that from his birth dad Mark).

[Ifty] “Eye on the ball Daniel. Not the Girls.”

Alice drools over Rhys

Rhys had been helping Jamie out with his cricket practice. He seemingly has a go himself, and could hit the ball quite hard.

[Alice] “Well I can imagine … that Rhys can really wallop a ball. I mean, look at those lovely biceps”

[Chris] “Excuse me, do you mind not squeezing another man muscles infront of me?”

[Alice] “Oh, you’re a farrier Chris, don’t be ridiculous”

Rhys joins Ambridge cricket team

Seems Alistair saw Rhys helping Jamie practice, and has asked him along to nets (as well as signed him up for the Single Wicket … is it that time of year already?).

[Rhys] “I don’t even know the rules”

[Alice] “There’re not rules, they’re laws”

With Adam not been able to play, word is that Rhys could be asked to play for the team.

[Rhys] “Me, play for Ambridge?”

[Nic] “What’s this? Another one of your bizarre fantasies?”

(oh – I’d like to hear more of Rhys’ bizarre fantasies. Juts out of interest, of course).

At the last nets, only seven people tuned up.

[Alistair] “And they all retired early to the pub”

At their last game (the first of the season), Ambridge lost to Netherbourne.

[Alistair] “Quite embarrassingly badly”

And it’s not only Adam out of action. David’s not playing (not one of their best players, but seems he’s a good all-rounder), and Robert has retired. So … Alistair asks Rhys to “turn out”.

[Rhys] “You really are serious … just wait until I tell my mam. This is always as good as being asked to play rugby for Wales. Well not quite, but nearly!”

(calm down my boy. Rugby over cricket? And your national team Vs a local team? Surely not!)

The maypole ended in disaster

[Alice] “A bit of a pile up and they all got their ribbons tangled”

[Nic] “I bet it was deliberate, that little Tilly Button …”

Alice drools over Ifty

[Will] “Well, he’s just come into the bar, so you girls can feats your eyes!”

(beyond shocked at the change in Will Grundy! And he’s at The Bull because Clarrie’s babysitting, by the way)

As Alistair and Ifty try and work out how to get Ambridge up to a full team, Alice, Nic, Will and Chris pressgang him.

Though Alistair and Ifty settle on Jamie as another player to bring in (though he wasn’t reliable before, he’s now taller), the gang try to get Ifty to play for Ambridge.

And they do so why Alice is giggling. She’s blatantly silly over Ifty.

[Chris] “Come along Mrs Carter!”

Though they leave Alistair and Ifty to discuss Ifty at least coaching for the Ambridge team, Alice hasn’t had enough.

[Chris] “You’re doing it again! Eyeing him up”

[Alice] “I’m merely admiring, in an aesthetic sort of way the admirable proportions of his physic”

Rhys then starts winding Nic up about also having a fancy for Ifty. He reckons Nic said:

[Rhys] “That his skin was like toasted cinnamon, his hair black like a raven’s wing, and his eyes like deep pools of chocolate …”

Nic does not concur. She claims she only went down to watch nets as her kids might be interested in cricket (though they are far, far, too young to play).

[Will] “Not the best excuse I’ve ever heard …Well I know it’s not true, but you look so lovely when you blush”

(again, where’s Will! What a transformation)

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