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Carl dumps Amy 04.05.12

The Archers Friday 4th May 2012
  • Debbie makes an effort
  • Jennifer’s washing walls
  • Alice doesn’t sound like a fan of Carl
  • Amy’s gone too far

Debbie makes an effort

Debbie still isn’t over to see Adam, but has at least made the effort to call Ian.

Ian tells her that Adam’s doing well – his physio and occupational folks are happy with him, though he is dizzy when he stands up. And still has a sore head. And is frustrated.

[Debbie] “He’s always regarded any illness of any kind being some sort of personal failure”

[Ian] “He is finding it very challenging being in one place all the time … He’s a man of action, he’s always got to be outside”

(though I was a bit disconcerted to hear Debbie and Ian agree that Adam doesn’t really like books. I always saw him and Ian wiling an evening away, listening to Radio 4 while reading their classics)

Later on, when Ian goes to see Adam at the hospital, he finds Adam a bit fed up that he isn’t getting out today as he hoped. He’ll only get out Monday.

Adam’s also fed up that he didn’t remember anything useful when the Police questioned him.

[Ian] “We’re just a bit fed up”

[Adam] “Don’t call me we!”

But there’s some good news. When Debbie called, it was also to say that she was (finally) coming over to see Adam.

Just for the weekend, mind.

Jennifer’s washing walls

[Alice] “I don’t know what the pickers put down on this table but it has certainly stuck”

With Adam in hospital, it’s down to Jennifer and Alice to sort the fruit pickers caravans out.

Funny thing that. For all of her graces, Jennifer gets stuck in when she’s needed.

Well, as long as it’s just for her husband and kids, and her farm. Tony is very much excepted.

Alice doesn’t sound like a fan of Carl

[Alice] “It was supposed to be a business trip, but Carl felt he could fit in a little pleasure as well”

Jennifer is a bit surprised to hear that Alice and Chris haven't had a foursome with Amy and Carl.

(dinner, not the ‘car keys in a bowl’ type)

But Alice explains that Amy is very much keeping Carl to herself.

[Alice] “It just seems a bit … exclusive”

Amy’s gone too far

The morning after the night before, Amy is still excited about moving in with Carl.

He’s sounding not so sure.

[Alice] “It would be fantastic. I could meet your family. Your grandmother”

(yup, that’s what every man wants to hear!)

[Carl] “For a start, do you really want to move out of a lovely big vicarage into my tiny flat?”

[Amy] “We’d be cosy”

[Carl] “I just don’t think you should rush into it”

But Amy’s not listening. She starts wittering on about them getting a bigger flat together. And how they can choose furniture together …

Here it comes …

[Carl] “You know what, beautiful Amy, I’m just wondering if this is the right time”

[Amy] “That this is to fast? But why? I love you, you love me, why wait?”

When Amy gets home, she immediately calls Alice to tell her the good news.

[Amy] “So, we’ve decided to make it permanent”

[Alice] “What!”

After Amy clarifies that she can Carl are moving on, not getting married:

[Alice] “I thought I was getting an invitation to the wedding”

[Amy] “No, well not yet anyway”

But Carl calls, so Amy hangs up on Alice to talk to him.

[Carl] “I needed to speak to you. There’s something I need to say to you, and the sooner the better … Amy, you are a lovely girl and we’ve had a lot of fun together … these past few days have been very special to me, I hope you can believe that …it isn’t the start of anything. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, but it’s clear to me you want something I just can’t give to you …”

Carl tells Alice that he doesn’t want to move in with her. Not now, not ever.

[Carl] “I can’t give you the kind of commitment you deserve. I’m sorry Amy. It’s over.”

Ah well. Didn’t see that coming.

No mention of a wife, though.

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