Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ian, Adam, Brian and a hot tub 08.05.12

The Archers Tuesday 8th May 2012
  • Usha’s on voicemail
  • Tom propositions Pip
  • The Ambridge Beast lives?
  • Adam’s still got a sense of humour
  • Brian shows he cares
  • “There’s a pizza in the aga”
  • Adam once played the recorder
  • They caught ‘em!
  • Josh and Phoebe

Usha’s on voicemail

Ruth can’t get through to Usha as her mobile is straight to voicemail.

Usha must still be upset that Amy and Alan are still upset with her.

Probably a good thing Ruth can’t get through to Usha. She already said to David ‘I told her so’ …

Tom propositions Pip

Pip’s knackered.

She’s up early 2 days a week to do the milking at Bridge Farm. She’s got College. And (due to both of the aforementioned) she has next to no social life.

Ruth’s telling her to make sure she doesn’t take on any more milking.

Then Tom calls round later. He’s after something.

Though Pip gets in first to say that she won’t do any more milking (despite milk yields having gone up since she stared at Bridge Farm). But, that’s not what’s Tom wants from Pip …

[Tom] “Not to put too fine a point on it, I’m hoping you can save my relationship with Brenda”

Ah – he wants her for Gourmet Grills.

Tom tells her about the (profitable) disaster the other day.

[Tom] “The sausages burnt, the punters turned mutinous, the computer crashed and Brenda threatened to kill me”

Tom admits he was the problem, but only because of Tony not being able to cope with said computer. He’s realised he can’t have days away from Bridge Farm (only after Tony had a heart attack from being left alone to do most of the work in the first place).

But oddly for Tom, he hasn’t considered that money might be Pip’s main motivation. She already has her food hygiene certificate. Experience from working at Lower Loxley. And, after working at Lower Loxley, she knows what it’s like to earn only minimum wage. She’s not keen to go there again.

(Seriously? Her aunt Elizabeth only paid her minimum?)

[Pip] “So, if you’re prepared to make me a reasonable offer, I’m prepared to consider it”

Pip rightly foretold that Ruth would throw a wobbler about her doing the burger van shifts. But who is she to stand in the way of Pip becoming a mini-Tom …

[Pip] “Although it is kind of ironic … after I said early morning milking was better than flipping burgers!”

The Ambridge Beast lives?

[Ian] “Words got round, so now everybody’s seeing things. Astonishing how contagious delusion can be”

Seems Jim thinks he’s seen the beast away. This time on the way back from Jaxx …

[Ian] “Suddenly this thing rushes across the road in front of him”

[Adam] “Bet it was a muntjac”

[Ian] “He said it was more on the lines of a minotaur … rather on the hairy side”

[Adam] “He’d definitely been on the sauce”

Adam’s still got a sense of humour

Particularly when it comes to Brian.

As Adam and Ian enjoy some quality time in the hot tub (Adam’s doing fine. Bored, with   a nasty bruise, and a bit of a bad memory, but at least alive), Brian calls round.

Adam is particularly delighted. He knows Brian will be none too comfortable (it’s his own fault).

[Brian] “I’d been ringing the front door. I didn’t realise you were, um …”

Funnily enough, Brian refuses to join them … though does say yes to Ian’s scones.

Brian shows he cares

Or at least he tries to, in how own way. He tells Adam that Jennifer was worried about him. As he was. *ahem* Brian even sticks around to chat.

[Brian] “So, what are you going to do with all this enforced leisure?”

[Ian] “He’s conducting an in-depth investigation into the delights of daytime television”

[Adam] “There’s a whole world out there, Brian, you have no idea … I learned this morning how to bake the perfect Victoria sponge”

After chit chatting over scones, Brian then makes his big reveal.

He’s got tickets for Adam to see England play the West Indies in a few weeks.

And what’s more, Brian assumed that Adam wouldn’t want to take him. He reckoned Brian would want to go with “a friend”.

“A friend”

By which Brian meant Ian.


I can see why Adam and Ian were winding Brian up earlier on.

“There’s a pizza in the aga”

On yersel Ruth!

Though she has also done salad. But chances of Josh and Ben just picking the bacon bits out of the salad is, according to Pip, quite high.

Adam once played the recorder

In the carol concert.

They caught ‘em!

David also pops round to see Adam. He’s got good news – the Police have caught and charged the men who attacked Adam.

[Brian] “Well done the boys in blue”

[David] “I heard they were part of a fairly big crime ring”

Phew! Tome to step down, Farm Watch.

Josh and Phoebe

Still. By Facebook and Skype.

[Pip] “It must be love”


caroline_venezia said...

Are you allowed to put pizza in an Aga? :-)

Inga McVicar said...


one would have though not, but at least one has moved on from one's microwave ...