Thursday, 31 May 2012

The christening of the new slurry tank 20.05.12

The Archers Sunday 20th May 2012
  • Terror of the phone
  • The slurry tank party
  • Slaughtered by Little Croxley
  • Pip enjoyed her Gourmet Burger shift
  • Everyone wants someone else at Bridge Farm

Terror of the phone

[Ruth] “I'm on edge every time the phone rings”

[David] “Maybe it's enough for him that we've had a miserable weekend, he'll leave us alone now”

[Ruth] “I don’t want to feel bullied”

[David] “Well I won’t be. I'm not going to let Adam down, I’m the only witness”

Good on David. I’m not his biggest fan, but he will always stand on the side of right.

They’ve had to put the phone answering machine on so that they don’t have to chance speaking to that bloke again. Though no mention of them telling the Place.

At the end of tonight’s eavesdropping, Ben had managed to get to the phone when it rang before Ruth could grab him. She did manage to speak first on it, but we didn’t get to hear who was calling,

The slurry tank party

As organised by Ben and Bert.

Jill had to find out from Bert when they were at church.

[David] “You can come if you like”

[Jill] “I will”

(that’s not like David, to be rude to his mum)

Bert has a special surprise for the party, but won’t tell David.

[David] “Champagne, dancing girls?”

Jill thinks the tank is very smart.

David is impressed by the cakes:

[David] “Significant enough for fairy cakes ... I refuse to call them cupcakes!”

David also tells everyone that they’re thinking of turning the old slurry lagoon into a reservoir.

[Ben] “But it’s had cow poo in it!”

[David] “It won’t be for our drinking water Ben”

After the stress of ‘that’ phone call, David’s not really in the mood to celebrate. But regardless of whatever else is happening, the new slurry tank is good news.

[Ruth] “We have managed to save the herd”

[Jill] “See, Bert was right. It is something to celebrate”

Bert arrives back from the cricket. He’s also rather despondent (because of the cricket), but brightens up when he make his big reveal.

A bottle of milk to christen the tank across its bough - and champagne.

(wow – steady on there!)

[Jill] “Well, I think your father would thoroughly approve of this new tank”

[Bert] “This is the cleanest it'll ever be, so inhale deeply and enjoy it while you can”

Slaughtered by Little Croxley

Were the Ambridge cricket team.

There Jamie was in for Tom:

[Bert] “We were annihilated again …  What a shower. No Roy, no Adam of course, no Tom to boot. Talk about the B team. It was like watching a slow car crash”

Seems Will “missed a sitter”, and Rhys fell over.

[Bert] “I don’t know how we're going to pull it round before the next grudge match”

(which is against Darrington)

Pip enjoyed her Gourmet Burger shift

[Tom] “Can't beat that smell of grease and the roar of the crowd”

Well, you can. But each to their own.

Everyone wants someone else at Bridge Farm

First, David.

[David] “Tom, if you don’t confront problems, they're only going to fester”

Then Pat, when she was talking about how the family had to pull together to get through the E.coli nightmare.

[Pat] “Tom and Helen came of age. It was Tom who saw the direction we had to take to save the business ... so, we can't expect Tom and Helen to shrink back now and do what they're told”

[Tony] “Huh, I never expect my son to be a shrinking violet”

[Pat] “We're the older generation now Tony. It's not always easy to accept but it’s the way it should be ... it’s time to give them their heads. treat them as equals. Even take the lead sometimes. if not, well I’m frightened we'll lose Tom ... we need him”

[Tony] “I know you;re right Pat, but I suppose I feel scared of stepping back”

[Pat] “It'll be strange for me too. It's Helen who'll be at the helm in the dairy too ... I'll be the washer upper”

[Tony] “But I’m not ready to be like Bert at Brookfield. Pottering around like some handyman”

Later on, Tony stuns Tom and Pat:

[Tony] “So I propose we pull in a new relief milker for the afternoons … I still expect the upper hand in the office Tom. And sole use of the big chair”

So, guard change at Bridge Farm then.

Still think it’s odd that Helen’s not having as much say as Tom … where is she?

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