Thursday, 31 May 2012

Usha’s still being ostracised 13.05.12

The Archers Sunday 13th May 2012
  • Church is the answer
  • Alan and Amy really aren’t being remotely Christian
  • Adam gets room service
  • Fly has passed away
  • The giant WI cake

Church is the answer

Well, it is if you’re Alan.

[Alan] “What do you reckon to it Amy, eh? A bit of time in church”

No. Amy would rather stay in bed. She’s had no sleep, a long shift and would rather be alone.

When Jennifer later commended Alan on his sermon, seems it had been about trusting in God to heal a broken heart. Jennifer felt Alan had spoken it from the heart.

So, that’s why he was so keen for Amy to attend.

Alan and Amy really aren’t being remotely Christian

Usha tries to talk to Amy:

[Usha] “I know you’re angry with me, but I don’t want it to be like this … please, just hear me out. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I should have told you about Carl … but the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you. You mean the world to me … I just didn’t know what to do for the best. You were so happy … I didn’t want to shatter your illusions”

[Amy] “You thought I knew. About Carl being married … you let me make a complete fool of myself … dreaming about all the things me and Carl were going to do together … and all that was just a fantasy … you stood there and you let him lie, and give you flowers and take me away … have you any idea how violated that makes me feel? Well, have you?”

[Usha] “Amy. I made a mistake. I don’t want what else to say to you”

[Amy] “Try saying nothing. You’re good at that”

Amy’s still beyond herself with fury that Usha not only knew about Carl, but that Usha also though Amy knew. She’s just not that sort of girl. Which, Amy thinks, Usha should know.

Alan’s not any better towards Usha. He’s still being short with her.

After Usha had tried to talk to Amy, Amy left and went to see Alan at the Church, visibly upset.

[Alan] “Usha, honestly, just leave it … I wouldn’t try talking to her for a while. Please Usha, just leave it. Let me deal with Amy, ok!”

What on earth is wrong with Alan? Understandable Amy is lashing out, but Alan’s normally so reasonable.

Seems not so when it comes to his daughter. Even if that means being none too understanding to his wife.

Adam gets room service

And quite right too. Ian’s such a wee gem – he brings Adam continental coffee, croissants, Jill’s honey (yum!), orange juice and the Sunday papers.

[Adam] “You don’t have to go to this trouble. It almost makes me glad I got bashed over the head … it’s the most time we’ve spent together in months”

Adam’s enjoying it so much; he even tries to encourage Ian to pull a sickie. But Ian’s not for persuading. He has to get back to work, and Jennifer will take over caring for Adam (which she’s more than likely desperate to do).

[Adam] “So, one more day. I suppose we better make the most of it then”

Ian suggests going to the cricket match, even though he hates cricket. He reckons he can do with some practise watching it ahead of the test match Brian got Adam tickets for, and:

[Ian] “If I do get bored, I can fall asleep in the sun”

Fly has passed away

Fly was one of Home Farm’s dogs. He died peacefully, Brian finding hum curled up this morning.

[Adam] “It won’t be the same without him lolloping up in the morning to say hello”

God speed, fly. Have a grand time in that great rabbit field in the sky.

The giant WI cake

Is being made by the WI for the Jubilee.

Clarrie has to ice 60 (yes, 60!) sponges.

They also need volunteers to eat it.

Sounds like a tough job.

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