Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh. My. Word. Will to breed again! 23.05.12

The Archers Wednesday 23rd May 2012
  • Helen’s back!
  • Clarrie’s not impressed by Tom’s ready meals
  • A near meltdown at soft play
  • Welshman are only designed for rugby?
  • Even the peacock is winding Rhys up
  • Will tells Chris to put his foot down
  • Nic wants Will’s child
  • Ifty’s quite firm!

Helen’s back!

Bout time too. Tom will persuade Pat and Tony to sign all of Bridge Farm over to him if Helen isn’t there to fight her corner.

Clarrie’s not impressed by Tom’s ready meals

[Clarrie] “I don’t say Joe would fancy a spicy meatball”

Helen thinks Joe might surprise Clarrie.

I doubt it.

A near meltdown at soft play

Helen’s taking Henry and Rowan to soft play (Helen looks after Rowan a few days a week, with Rowan’s mum taking Henry when Helen works).

Luckily for Helen, Nic came along at the right moment. Helen was (from the sounds of it) about to lose the plot.

Welshman are only designed for rugby?

So reckons Rhys. He’s still getting the Michael ripped out of him for falling over at cricket.

[Rhys] “I told you. A Welshman is not designed to run with massive pads on … Now when you’ve had a prop forward crash into you, you know about it … Anyway, you can talk. You hardly covered yourself in glory, quack quack”

(anyone who can enlighten me to why Rhys said “quack quack” to Will?)

Even the peacock is winding Rhys up

As Rhys is outside of The Bull, he gets a scare when the resident peacock lets off one of his creams.

[Rhys] “I swear, he creeps up on me sometimes ... the sooner he joins the rest of them up in peacock heaven, the better”

Will tells Chris to put his foot down

Chris wants a night out with Alice, mainly so they can get away from Amy. She’s always round there, often leaving quite late.

[Will] “You better put your foot down”

[Chris] “It's boyfriend trouble. More than my life's worth”

(as if Will can talk about putting his foot down. He’s hardly done that, or could do that, with Nic)

Chris then told Will about Amy’s Carl being married.

Wonder how long it’ll take Will to tell Clarrie. Clarrie to tell Susan. Susan to tell the world …

Nic wants Will’s child

And not just George for the weekend.

There had been signs that Nic wanted to procreate with Will.

She’d been packing up some of Mia and Jake’s baby stuff to take to the charity shop the other day. And seemed quite sad about it. Especially when Mia gave up Mr Penguin.

She today bumped into Helen in town, and started smelling Henry’s head.

She then mentioned how she’d first met Will – he’d helped her on the bus with her buggy and bags. The asked her out.

And Nic couldn’t bring herself to actually take the bags of baby stuff she’d packed to a charity shop today.

She explained to Clarrie that giving up the bay clothes “felt so final”.

[Clarrie] “Nic, if you;re not ready to part with them, maybe it’s just not the right time”

(ah – that Clarrie is a wise, wise lady who sees all).

When Will gets home, he spots the bags.

[Nic] “I couldn’t part with Mia's baby things ... I’ve tried to fight the feeling, but it just won’t go away, not that I want it to go away ... I want you and me to have a baby together ... (Will gets  a bit over excited) steady on Will, just one.”

[Will] “One's perfect!”

As much as it pains me to say this, with the new calm and sensible Will (due to Nic's steady influence), he’ll actually make a lovely dad. He’s been great with George, and that he doesn’t fly at Ed every time he sees him is a huge bonus.

Ifty’s quite firm!

Ifty was taking nets today with the adult Ambridge cricket team. Who have, so far, lost every match of the season.

He wasn’t amused when Will said he’d have to leave, after only being there for a short time, as he had to eat before he went back out to work.

[Ifty] “Maybe so, but we've got some work to do here judging on Sunday's performance”

Will then got a (quite polite) lecture on how he needs to be committed and have focus.

Ifty tells Chris could be an asset to the team with bowl and bat, but Rhys gets a slightly harsher message:

[Ifty] “We're going to use the best of what you’ve got, while you work on the rest ... all you’ve got to do is lose the habit of a lifetime. Playing the wrong game, mate”

As Will later said:

[Ifty] “So charming, you don’t realise he's telling you off”


caroline_venezia said...

I assume the 'quack quack' means Will scored a duck (i.e. no runs)?

Inga McVicar said...

Ah! I can explain the offside rule, but have no ken of anythign cricket! Cheers for that ;)