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Brenda struggles to serve Tom’s Sausages 07.05.12

The Archers Monday 7th May 2012
  • Adam’s feeble
  • The cricket team is suffering
  • Tom’s back to being an a*se
  • Amy sees Alan
  • Brenda’s dripping

Adam’s feeble

But at least home.

Though he notices that he’s never noticed before how long he and Ian’s front path is …

Seems Debbie has been and gone. She came and left on Saturday (!).

And though Ian offers to fire up their hot tub (yes please, I’d say!), Adam’s happy to just sit and enjoy the view from home.

Though whether that had something to do with being able to see the Edgley Morris Men waving their handkerchiefs or not, is anyone’s guess.

The cricket team is suffering

Without Adam.

[Ian] “Seriously understrength were Alistair’s words”

Tom’s back to being an a*se


His humanity only lasted one day.

He’s back to normal. Moaning how Tony is annoying him.

[Tom] “I can understand why he can’t get his head round a new system … I just wish he’d hurry up and get better that’s all, he’d be much happier weeding carrots”

He goes on a rather long rant, but Brenda isn’t having it.

[Brenda] “It’s no good complaining about it to me. Will you just shut up about it for 5 minutes?”

She tells Tom to sort it out with Pat and Tony, and to concentrate back on the fact that they’re in the burger van, trying to serve a hungry queue of punters.

Amy sees Alan

Though Alice did have to persuade May not to tell him to go away.

They hug, and Alan’s asks why Amy felt she couldn’t talk to him.

[Amy] “I couldn’t even bring myself to say his name. I feel such a fool … I should have known. He was too good to be true … why would someone like that even look once at me?”

[Alan] “But you are beautiful. Anyone can see that”

[Amy] “I was so careful dad. I really took my time … and I love him dad. I thought it would be hard to love someone, but it was easy … I thought he loved me too”

[Alan] “We were all taken in by him. I thought he was lovely too”

Alan did well not to react when Amy mentioned that she had slept with Carl (whether she took her time or not).

And both she and Alan were still offended that Usha could think she would, could, have an affair with a married man.

Brenda’s dripping

And rather furious.

Tom keeps answering the phone to Tony when he should be helping her to cook and serve.

[Brenda] “If that phone goes again, do not answer it … change, buns, mustard Tom!””

After charging one customer £14 for something (I hope it was at least 10 sausages!):

[Brenda] “It’s tropical in here. I’m dripping”

Then Tom’s phone goes again. Though he’d promised not to answer it, it’s Pat this time. Which means it must be an emergency.

It wasn’t. They just couldn’t find the key to the feed stock.

Brenda threatens to walk out. Tom hands up.

After their day is done:

[Brenda] “Seven phone calls while the burgers burnt and the queue got mutinous!”

[Tom] “I’m not being big headed Bren, it’s just, well I need to be there. Well, until dad’s back on his feet”

So Bridge Farm now cannot function without Tom. So Tom can’t do his burger van, as it means leaving his folks to cope alone.

But it’s okay.

Tom has someone in mind to take over the vans.

And that was today’s cliff-hanger.


And anyhoo, where’s Helen? Not like her to be away, or quiet, or leave Tom to rule the roost.

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