Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mr Penguin leaves Ambridge 17.05.12

The Archers Thursday 17th May 2012
  • The Ambridge Beast is grubbing Ed’s pastures?
  • Joe’s not the eldest elder statesman
  • Answers do come in Church
  • Bye bye, Mr Penguin

The Ambridge Beast is grubbing Ed’s pastures?

[Joe] “So George believes in Lynda Snells' monster then, does he?”

[Ed] “Yeah, along with the tooth fairy and the troll under the bride ... he's been drawing picture, running around growling, scaring Keira”

[Joe] “You’re supposed to have a fertile imagination at that age. Can't the same for the Snell woman ... she's off her rocker”

Ed then gets distracted. He can see his pasture has been grubbed again.

Joe reckons it could be a pig (as Ed reckons). Though he’s also guessing it could be a wild boar. Or even the Ambridge beast.

[Joe] “Ring your brother. he might have seen summit”

Ed’s (understandably) not keen to call Will. But, he is the chap to talk to about what might be wandering about the estate. So he does. But Will hasn’t seen anything.

[Joe] “It could still be wild boar then. You ants to be careful Ed, they can be vicious animals. Remember when your dad was attacked?”

[Ed] “Yeah, so he says”

[Joe] “What, don’t you believe him? Hey Clarrie, you tell the lad, Eddie was attacked by a wild boar?”

[Clarrie] “Oh,. I remember summit. You know Eddie though”

[Ed] “Well, whatever it was, it's wrecking my pasture” 
[Ed] “I'll keep my eye out for the rampaging boars”

Joe’s not the eldest elder statesman

Joe’s heard that Lynda needs someone to cut the giant jubilee cake.

[Joe] “An elder statesman. Who do you reckon that sounds like then?”

[Ed] “I don’t know, Oliver?”

[Joe] “I was walking the fields round here when the Queen’s grandfather was on the throne. I’ve been dropping a few hints to Clarrie, subtle like ...”

As Clarrie talks Nic through baking some of the sponges for the giant cake:

[Nic] “I can just see me turning up with some burnt stodgy brick thing”

Clarrie talks about how “subtle” Joe’s been:

[Clarrie] “He ain't stopped banging on. You’d think he was getting knighted or something”

Later on:

[Clarrie, back from the village shop] “Now Joe, I've got some bad new I’m afraid”

[Joe] “What do say that ain’t got no humbugs”

[Clarrie] “Mr Pullen's going to do it”

[Joe] “WHAT! Pullen!”

[Clarrie] “Well he is the oldest person in the village. He's 96”

(did Clarrie say 96? I though Bob was 99)

[Joe] “I thought they wanted elder not eldest. I thought they was looking for someone dignified, with a bit of gravitas ... what happens if he gets caught short ... decisions made behind closed doors”

[Clarrie] “It's the women's institute!”

[Joe] “Exactly, a discriminatory organisation”

Joe thinks all the ‘elder’ names should have gone into a hat for a fair, random draw.

Though I suspect he still would have claimed foul play if he still hadn’t won.

Answers do come in Church

Usha interrupts Alan as he’s praying in Church. She makes him sit down with her. And asks him to stop being angry with her.

[Usha] “I understand why you;re upset, but you can't keep taking it out on me ... I’m not the enemy here, but at the moment it's two against one”

[Alan] “I don’t know hat you expect me to do. I’m trying to pick up the pieces. Amy's the one who's been hurt here, don’t blame me for the way she feels about you”

[Usha] “Well don’t blame me either Alan. I've said I’m sorry. I’ve admitted I handled things badly … It's been really hurtful, but I don’t think you’ve even noticed ... in your heart, you think she's right. You don't kiss me good night anymore”

[Alan] “I didn’t realise. I haven't been thinking. I suppose I’ve been so engrossed with Amy, it’s so hard to see her going through this, she's my little girl, all I want to do is take that pain away … I’m angry, but I should have taken it out on you”

[Usha] “I just want us to deal with it together. I ;love you Alan, and I love Amy,. Please don’t shut me out”

Later on, as they leave the Church, they sound reconciled and relaxed with each other.

[Alan] “Some vicar I am. I’m meat to be giving marriage classes tonight. I don’t feel very qualified right now”

[Usha] “I know she's heartbroken, but it goes deeper than that. It's about her mum?”

Alan reckons so. Amy really has no-one to trust but Alan.

Where does that leave Usha? On the outside.

Bye bye, Mr Penguin

Nic has been doing some clearing out, taking the unwanted and unused to the charity shop.

Mia wants to help.

[Mia] “It's to go in the bags. For the poor people”

Mia puts in some books, and Mr Penguin.

[Mia] “I know, but I don’t need him anymore. I’m a big girl now … Bye bye Mr penguin”

Nic sounded quite upset. Her wee girl must be growing up.

Hope Mr Penguin finds another nice little young ‘un to spend retirement with.

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