Saturday, 19 May 2012

Everyone turns on Usha 05.05.12

The Archers Sunday 6th May 2012
  • Amy isn’t amused with Usha
  • Alan isn’t amused with Usha
  • Carl has upset Amy

Amy isn’t amused with Usha

Amy’s crying. Usha comes in.

[Amy] “He’s dumped me … we had such a lovely time in Bristol …I had no idea, I never for a moment imagined …”

After telling Usha that she doesn’t understand what had happened. That Carl had given her such a “long and loving” kiss when they parted.

[Usha] “Men like Carl can be very plausible … well they know how to cover their tracks … men who cheat on their wives”

Amy is stunned. She says Carl’s not married. That he split up with her because it was “him”, not her. That they had wanted different things.

Usha then tells her about seeing Carl and his “wife” at the Chamber do.

[Amy] “You mean, you’ve known all this time … then why didn’t you stop me?”

Usha tells Amy that she thought that maybe Amy had known. Amy is beyond horrified.

[Amy] “I trusted you Usha, and now, how could you even think I’d do something like that. I thought Carl leaving me, things couldn’t get any worse … oh don’t touch me!”

Amy storms out. And calls Alice.

Alan isn’t amused with Usha

[Alan] “All that time, you knew!”

Usha explains why she hadn’t told him.

[Usha] “Because of ... you know, you being a vicar”

[Alan] “What’s that to do with anything?”

[Usha] “I wasn’t entirely sure that Amy didn’t know … well that’s why she didn’t want you finding out …well, it happens Alan”

[Alan] “Not Amy! …If you think that, then you really don’t know Amy at all”

When Alan finally finds Amy through Alice, Amy won’t speak to him.

[Alan] “She should be here. She should be here, with me. In all the years, ever since her mother died, there hasn’t been a time when she couldn’t speak to me …”

And Alan is blaming Usha for such a big change in Amy. Usha thinks it’s because Amy has also grown up. So is less likely to speak to her dad about her woes anyway.

[Usha] “I’m sorry. I hope you’d understand. I did it for the best”

But Alan’s not for forgiving right now. He leaves for Evensong early, and without a sandwich.


I can see why Alan and Amy are affronted that Usha knew, and though Amy might already know, but Usha wasn’t trying to do anything other than protect Amy.

And not even taking a sandwich off of her … harsh.

Carl has upset Amy

Very badly.

She still doesn’t understand why he’s dumped her.

How he had taken her time with her. Been so loving and caring with her.

[Alice] “Maybe it’s because you weren’t an easy conquest. It was a challenge …”

But what of his flat? If Carl was married, as Usha thinks, why didn’t he have any pictures of his wife there? How could he have had her round in the first place?

Amy thinks that he and his wife had split up, but were just keeping up a public front. Which is what Usha had seen. A sham.


But ever so hurt.

Poor Amy.


caroline_venezia said...

Mm, I've been wondering about Carl's flat. Could it be a company flat? But you'd think that would be obvious too - *no* personal possessions, no full wardrobe of clothes, etc.

Inga McVicar said...

It's a mystery. I'm still not entirely convinced that Usha has got this right. More to come, I reckon.

caroline_venezia said...

Yes, I think there must be.

caroline_venezia said...

Yes, I think there must be.