Monday, 21 May 2012

Blood’s thicker than marriage 09.05.12

The Archers Wednesday 9th May 2012
  • Well hello Keith Horrobin!
  • Ruth’s not happy with Pat
  • Pat and Ruth lose their cojones
  • Usha gets the cold shoulder
  • Keith’s business isn’t doing well
  • The Ambridge Beast is seen again!
  • Susan mentions the white elephant

Well hello Keith Horrobin!

Has Keith Horrobin ever spoken in Ambridge before?

He certainly did tonight. Right old chatterbox was Keith.

Keith turned up at Bert’s (well, Tracey’s). He was surprised to see how much work had to be done to the house.

[Keith] “What a difference a coat of paint makes, eh!”

Tracey gloated about all the changes, and how Neil had done all of the work.

[Tracey] “Susan picked a good ‘un there”

Though Keith wasn’t just round to admire Neil’s paintwork. He was there to tell Tracey about some good family news. His Samantha is getting married to Ash.

Hurrah! A Horrobin wedding.

Though Samantha and Ash had a “rough patch” last year, they’ve made up and have decided to make themselves proper. They also want Tracey’s Chelsea to be a bridesmaid – which is seemingly Chelsea’s “number one ambition”.

Ruth’s not happy with Pat

Well, technically she’s not happy with Tom for asking Pip to run the Gourmet Burger van.

[Ruth] “I appreciate he needs the help. I just wish he’d found someone else”

Pat could only apologise. But must be secretly pleased that Bridge Farm has another helping hand.

Is Pip still going to do the milking?

Pat and Ruth lose their cojones

Ruth wasn’t just round to have a go at Pat because of Tom.

Ruth and Pat had a meeting with Hattie Marshall (of Borchester Against Factory Farming).

The news isn’t that good. Hattie thinks that although they could appeal against the Super Dairy being given planning permission, the appeal would cost them. And they’d likely lose.

But, Hattie thinks that there’s more than one way to stop a Super Dairy. She thinks the next step would be to put “real” pressure on BL:

[Hattie] “Make it more trouble that it’s worth”

So, that means (in Hattie’s mind) picketing the Mart again. Try and force business to go elsewhere, while getting publicity.

Ruth isn’t so sure. She’s mainly thinking of the impact it’d have on David as NFU Chair. He’s supposed to remain neutral.

[Hattie] “This has got to be a matter of individual conscience … but there’s a big principle at stake here”

So, Hattie suggests a boycott of all Home Farm produce. Which would largely mean their soft fruit and venison. Which is Adam’s side of the business. And Adam, as we all know, is already against the Super Dairy.

[Pat] “I don’t feel comfortable with a boycott that hits someone that’s opposed to the boycott anyway”

[Hattie, getting frustrated] “I’m beginning to sense that neither of you have the stomach to carry on”

She’s quite right. Pat and Ruth tell her that they think they’ve already lost. Nothing more to be done.

[Hattie] “There are plenty of people who are appalled that the Council has capitulated to BL”

So although Pat and Ruth have given up, Hattie is very much full steam ahead …

… hmmm. The protest against the Super Dairy being led by a non-local.

That’ll be interesting.

Usha gets the cold shoulder

Usha calls Ruth, very upset.

Amy’s still not come home from Alice’s. And Alan is “out of his mind” with worry. But he won’t talk to Usha as he thinks Amy not being at home is Usha’s fault (for not telling Amy that Carl was married. If he is).

When Ruth later meets up with Usha, she finds Usha annoyed at herself for having “procrastinated”.

[Usha] “That’s the worst thing. He’s absolutely wretched … he can’t talk to me about it … He so desperately wants her to come home. And because of me she won’t … for so many years it was Alan and Amy against the world … and now, I’m on the outside again”

Keith’s business isn’t doing well

Does Keith run a garage? Car showroom?

Seems he does. He was saying that he hasn’t sold anything in a fortnight, so is surviving on MOTs and maintenance.

‘Tis tough out there indeed.

The Ambridge Beast is seen again!

And nearly rear ended another car when it braked suddenly as “the beast” ran across the road.

[Keith] “Biggish, brownish”

Seems Jazzer has also had a “beast” experience.

[Susan] “Seen what he describes as a great hairy mutant disappearing into the morning mist”

[Keith] “Probably was Lynda Snell”


So, what do we reckon “the beast” is?

An escaped zoo animal? A (very) large lurcher?

Susan mentions the white elephant

Talking about Keith’s Samantha getting married, Susan wonders when Ed and Emma will do the deed.

[Keith] “At least Emma’s a Grundy already”



caroline_venezia said...

I don't remember ever hearing of Keith or - who were the other ones, apart from Clive? - before they came out of the woodwork for Ivy's death!

Re the burger van, am I right in thinking Pip would replace Tom - so Brenda would still be expected to work in it, but alongside Pip instead of Tom? I may have got this all wrong - but if not, does Brenda know? Can't see her being very happy with that, if it is the case!

Inga McVicar said...

Yup - the rest of the Horrobin clan haven't been noticeable for most of their lives. Now they're taking over!

Looks like it was to give Tom time to create his masterplan. Brenda's probably just glad to not to have to make Lilian's coffee for an afternoon.