Thursday, 31 May 2012

David shot Walter Gabriel’s wheelbarrow 25.05.12

The Archers Friday 25th May 2012
  • Alice invites Amy to the DJ night
  • Brookfield’s gates were open
  • Alan’s on Usha’s side?

Alice invites Amy to the DJ night

Though we didn’t hear Chris tonight, he’d planned that night out to get away from Amy. He will not be a happy chappy …

But Alice is a pal. And she wants to cheer Amy up by getting dolled up and going out.

[Alice] “Nails, the works, like two hormonal teenagers”

[Amy] “Alright. Just don’t expect me to sparkle”

Brookfield’s gates were open

On one of their fields. Alan found it, and had to coax the cows back in.

Alan tells her as she’s picking up bits of glass from the broken security lights, but she doesn’t tell him what’s happened. When Alan leaves, and David comes over, he tells her he has called the Police, and they’re on their way over. The Police are taking it seriously – they even want to test the newspaper.

[David] “Sorry. You were right”

He and Ruth agree not to tell the kids.

After the Police have been, they do mention that a farmer in Penny Hassett has had a wheel shout at, which they reckon were indeed kids. But, they do think there’s a connection between the on goings at Brookfield and the gang that attacked Adam.

Ruth wants security cameras. David concurs. But he doesn’t want Ruth to get too overwrought.

[David] “Honestly, you don’t need to start inventing things to worry about … They'll find some spotty kid … I popped a pellet into Walter Gabriel's wheelbarrow with my first air rifle, he wasn’t happy, and neither was I when he told dad. We both need to get things in perspective love ... we can’t live our lives hiding in shadows.”

But then the phone rings. Ruth goes to answer it:

[unidentified bloke] “You;re going to have to take more care. Your security lights. Not secure anymore, are they. it’s getting darker, isn’t it …”

Alan’s on Usha’s side?

He certainly seems to be starting to see that Amy isn’t exactly being rational.

[Alan] “Difficult, it’s impossible. I feel like a UN Peacekeeper … I’m so worried, Ruth. What is there's no happy ending and the relationship never heals”

[Ruth] “Oh it'll come right Alan. I’m sure it will”

When Alan later takes Amy up Lakey Hill:

[Amy] “It's just to breathe air that isn’t hospital”

Alan tries to persuade Amy to forgive Usha.

[Amy] “You can't change what's happened”

[Alan] “You can change what's going to happen, though”

[Amy] “I'm locking Carl away, in a box, with all the other horrible things”

[Alan] “He broke your heart, don’t let him break anything else”

But Amy won’t stay and talk. She storms off, again.

Is it just me – or is Amy taking this too far? Carl was a bad ‘un, and hurt her, but they really hadn’t been going out for that long. And it’s certainly beyond the call still punishing Usha over it.

Amy later says to Alice:

[Amy] “She didn’t feel like a stepmum anymore, she was a mum to me Alice. How could she have kept quiet ... she could have saved me ... how can I trust her now?”

This is starting to sound like a petulant child, whining …

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