Thursday, 31 May 2012

Harry returns to place the crown 31.05.12

The Archers Thursday 31st May 2012
  • Harry’s back
  • Up a ladder
  • Blokes’ chat
  • Pip’s no a girl to be on film
  • It’ll take a lot of wood to build that Beacon
  • Vicky really does want to retire
  • Silver Jubilee memories
  • Lost to Darrington

Harry’s back

Phew! He had me worried there. He hadn’t been anywhere, just ever so silent for so long.

Up a ladder

Harry’s only been back a few seconds, and Vicky already has him in a position where she can admire his bum!

She asks him to go up a ladder to fix a crown she’s made onto the top of the phone box.

[Clarrie] “Clever eh, padded radiator foil stuck on card”

[Harry] “Yeah very, eh, innovative”

When Harry makes a suggestion to improve the crown:

[Vicky] “Oh, you’re not just a buff pair of cycle shorts, are you?”

Blokes’ chat

[Spencer] “Alright mate”

[Harry] “Oh, hi Spencer”

[Spencer] “What you doing?”

[Harry] “Isn’t it obvious?”

[Spencer] “Well, no”

[Harry] “Making a crown for the phone box”

[Spencer] “I think you want to get out more mate”

[Harry] “Hmm, you’re not wrong”

Pip’s no a girl to be on film

[Pip] “Oh dad, you said you’d never do this … you hate them!”

[David] “Well, needs must”

[Pip] “I don’t; want to live in a prison. But why, dad?”

[David] “Times changes”

[Pip] “What next, a ten foot security fence … it’s so creepy  ... it’s bad enough being spied upon in town, but I live here”

When David, Josh and Ben are looking at the camera – trying to work out who someone is that’s just come onto the Farm. David sounds panicky, but it’s just Spencer:

[Ben] “No it’s not; it’s the beast of Haydn wood!”

Pip later says to Spencer that she knows something’s afoot that David and Ruth aren’t telling her. She knows it’s something to do with Adam, but thinks it more about David having also found Nigel. Sounds like she thinks he’s lost the plot.

I thought David and Ruth had decided to tell Pip as she’s the most at risk?

It’ll take a lot of wood to build that Beacon

Two sessions, Mike reckons.

Vicky really does want to retire

Which is fair enough.

She and Mike are having a wee time out on Lakey Hill.

[Mike] “It's good to have the time to stop and stare”

[Vicky] “We don’t have enough down time together, do we”

Hint hint …

Vicky says she’s looking forward to Mike retiring. And wonders if Harry would want to buy into the bottling plant.

[Mike] “It’ll be nice to have a bit of time for me”

[Vicky] “Us. We’ll have a fantastic time together”

Ah – but that’s where there could be trouble. Mike sees his retirement being in front of a flat screen TV. Vicky wants to dance, go in for competitions, do Zumba …

[Mike] “Well the over 60s put on some nice coach trips …”

[Vicky, ignoring Mike’s mention of bus trips] “There’s an extra’s agency opened up in Felpersham, we could be on telly”

Vicky sees television competitions. Win big, And jet off to Dubai.

Mike sounds like he just wants his slippers!

[Vicky] “Oh, we’ve got so much to look forward to”

[Mike] “Spending time with the grandkids”

[Vicky] “Oh, I hope that won’t mean less time for me, Mr Bubbles”

[Mike] “Oh never, Mrs Bubbles”

Silver Jubilee memories

[Vicky] “Rowena Ballam pelted me with jelly at our street party”

And Mike lit the Beacon at the very spot they’re now sitting on.

Lost to Darrington

Did the Ambridge cricket team. Though Harry reckons they at least gave them a fright. Probably just with how bad they are …

[Harry] “We should be proud of ourselves. Ifty calls us a work in progress”


Archers Mad said...

Inga, are you alright? Have you been on holiday? Just noticed you've been away from your blog for a bit that's all.

I'm just about to listen to the omnibus and see what i can hear of it.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Inga McVicar said...


Wish I'd been on holiday - just been stupidly busy with work. Self employed, so have to keep going when the work is there.

BUT aftre this week, should be a lot calmer and am finally catching up with Ambridge. Life is very out of kilter when I'm behind.

Than you so much for checking in with me - really lovely to know me/the blog are missed!

Hoping to get bang up to date over the next few days.

Take care Archers Mad!

Archers Mad said...

Thankyou Inga!

It's a shame that you haven't been away or anything but at least business is brisk!! Which is more than can be said for some places of work!

Yourself/the blog is very much missed (at least by myself) as you know with my hearing loss I really don't hear it all, so reading your summary and wonderfully witty comments keeps me "tuned in" whilst I'm tuned in!

Thanks for all you do to bring this blog to us all, will check back to read the latest but no rush ok

Take care Inga

Archers Mad

Inga McVicar said...

Cheers Archers Mad. Means so much that you enjoy, and it's of some use. Us hearing impared have to stick together (I can only really listen with headphones - which means taking the hearing out, oddly enough!).

And keep commenting. It makes it all worth while ;)