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Usha doesn’t get to watch Toy Story 16.05.12

The Archers Wednesday 16th May
  • Amy wants biscuits
  • Court shadowed by Lynda
  • David’s on heat
  • Sounds like Josh & Phoebe is more Josh
  • Toy Story
  • Emma’s back at work
  • Usha turns to Ruth

Amy wants biscuits

But there aren’t any. Alan makes her a cheese sandwich instead.

Amy had only had a few chocolates during the day, which had been bought for her be a glowing couple who’d she’d midwifed for. They’d actually upset her by just being a couple:

[Amy] “Even that couple ... well, it’s not nice ... when I saw them together, and they were so happy ... (she starts crying. Usha comes in) … oh no … (and leaves)”

Alan isn’t any friendlier to Usha. He mentions that he’s off to visit a Mrs Smyth. Usha remembers her as being important to Alan, as she made him feel so welcome when he first arrived in Ambridge. But Alan blanks her. Again.

Court shadowed by Lynda

David was telling Ruth that the nasty men who attached Adam are in remand, next step is Crown Court.

[David] “Adam sounded pretty good ...visitations from Lynda aside. She's been pestering him about his garden ... apparently it’s blighting the village green”

Seems Adam gave in to Lynda (we did hear his reply to her badgering the other day), and David also reports that Tom (via Darrell and Elona) also gave way.

[David] “Apparently every beautiful village requires a Stalinist reign of terror”

David’s on heat

Ghastly, but unfortunately true.

She and David find themselves in Brookfield alone, which is a very rare occurrence.

[David] “Unless, that is, you don't fancy, um ...”

[Ruth] “Go and do your work mister, that'll cool you off in no time”

Blimey. Wonder if those will have a late baby … *shudder*

(anyway, sounded like Josh was still in the house)

Sounds like Josh & Phoebe is more Josh

We heard Josh and Phoebe talking on Skype today. Josh was excited about taking Phoebe to cricket during the summer (is Phoebe coming back then? Just for the summer, or for good?). Phoebe sounded rather nonplussed.

(David came in to kick Josh off so he could get some work done. Seems David thinks the only way to talk on Skype is to shout).

Later on, David teases Josh.

[David] “You're going to impress Phoebe with his cricketing prowess. He's going to show her his googlies!”

Josh is not amused. But I think David’s rush. Josh has his first proper crush.

Toy Story

Is what Alan puts on to try and comfort Amy. It was her favourite as a child. (good lordy that makes me feel old).

[Alan] “Back then, I could just put in on, cuddle up on the sofa, and in a minute she'd be lost in it … I want to help her, like I used to. I just feel so useless. She doesn't deserve this”

[Usha] “No, but you can't protect her from the world, can you?”

When Amy comes into the room with popcorn, Usha leaves them to it. Neither of them is making her feel particularly welcome or wanted.

Later on, Alan’s paused the film. Amy thinks it’s because he’s scared (especially of the spider doll).

[Alan] “Oh come on, it's like something out of the exorcist!”

He wants to talk to Amy. She’s all adrift, with no-one but him to turn to:

[Amy] “You're the only one I know you really loves me”

Alan reckons her next man friend will have to go through a hefty set of tests before he’ll get to date her:

[Alan] “CV, birth certificate, blood group”

But when Alan tries to talk to Amy about Usha, she clams up again.

Emma’s back at work

Well, after she left Lower Loxley, she didn’t quite Brookfield at the same time. But, she’s now back at Lower Loxley for the weekend. Ruth reckons they need the cash.

Well, Princess attire does cost.

Usha turns to Ruth

Well, Alan isn’t listening.

[Ruth] “I’m sure that once she gets over the shock, she'll see you were in an impossible situation”

[Usha] “If I ask about her, he says it’s none of my business ... if he got angry, actually started shouted, at least we could deal with it, but this ... I’m sick of it Ruth. He can see how she's treating me. Perhaps it’s his way of punishing me”

[Ruth] “Usha, you’ve got to stop blaming this yourself. It wasn’t your fault”

[Usha] “I’m not sure I’ve even entered his thoughts”

[Ruth] “if Alan won’t see it, then you'll just to make him”

Easier said than done. Amy and Alan formed a fairly exclusive bond after Catherine died.

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