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Adam’s told about the threats: Thurs 28.06.12

The Archers Thursday 28th June 2012
  • Brenda is volunteered
  • Wimbledon or Blackpool?
  • Josh isn’t sad to miss Phoebe?
  • Phoebe isn’t happy to be coming home?
  • Adam twigs

Brenda is volunteered

Vicky’s telling Ian about Lynda’s plan for an Ambridge Cultural Olympiad as part of the village fete.

[Vicky] “And then, she wants a poetry reading too, it’s all very high brow.”

Vicky also tells them they’re going to do a wee marketing campaign. Brenda walks in when Vicky says ‘marketing’, and wants to know who, what, why.

(as if she’s some sort of Marketing expert! Doesn’t she just make coffee???)

Vicky tells Brenda it’s Brenda! Vicky’s put her name forward without asking.

[Vicky] “Well you know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy woman .. .it’s nice to do something for the village, don’t you think. I know you won’t let me down.”

Brenda did not sound amused …

Wimbledon or Blackpool?

Lilian’s going to the Men’s Singles final

As Matt’s got her Wimbledon tickets for her birthday.

Vicky reminisces about her crush on Tim Henman.

[Vicky] “He made me go weak at the knees in his tennis shorts … but it was a tossup between Wimbledon or a weekend in Blackpool.”

[Brenda] “And you chose Blackpool!”

[Vicky] “Well it was the charms of the tower ballroom ... a special summer dance night you see, well you can’t have everything can you?”

[Ian] “Well you can give it a darn good try!”

I’m with Vicky. I’d have gone to Blackpool.

But then again, I readily admit that I have no class. And also prefer footy.

Josh isn’t sad to miss Phoebe?

Phoebe and Josh were Skyping again.

They’re chatting away, when Josh quote excitedly tells Phoebe that he’s off to Heather’s for the summer.

[Josh] “I’m really only go up to look after Ben. Otherwise I’d stay to help on the harvest … I was hoping dad would let me try to drive a tractor.”

So he’s off for the summer, which means he can’t spend it with Phoebe.

May they are just mates after all? No young romance in the offing.

Phoebe isn’t happy to be coming home?

[Hayley] “Just imagine Roy, she’ll be walking through that door, home again.”

[Roy] “Knowing you were responsible.”

Hmmm. Surely this bedroom makeover is going to go badly wrong?

Anyhoo – the whole family is gathered to Skype Phoebe on her birthday. Hayley, Roy, Brenda, Abbie (but no Mike. They didn’t say what he was doing).

(are the Ambridge residents getting money from Skype for product placement? They’re now mentioning it by name, and they’re using the actually Skype calling and end of call noises)

They talk about their plans for Phoebe coming home. Which could include an en masse family holiday.

[Vicky] “We could go to one of them holiday villages!”

For which Vicky reckons Mike would pay.

Phoebe calls off rather suddenly as Lucas wants her (rather rude of them both, actually).

[Brenda] “Vicky, dad might not be able to afford it. You can’t promise something you can’t give.”

[Roy] “That was a bit harsh!”

[Brenda] “Well somebody has to speak up for him>”

[Roy] “He can speak up for himself.”

[Hayley] “Was it just me, or did Phoebe sound a bit underwhelmed about coming home?”


Brenda about to start World War 3 with Vicky.

Phoebe not sounding overjoyed that she has to come home.

And a bedroom makeover.

Sounds like disaster in the offing.

Adam twigs

Adam called Brookfield to speak to David. Josh answers, and tells him that he and Ben are off to Heather’s.

Later, Ruth slips up. Adam mentions to her that Josh has ‘told him’:

[Adam] “It’s not vandalism at all, is it … the gang who attacked me are intimidating you.”

[Ruth] “Adam, I’m so sorry … when you said Josh had told you, I thought Josh had told you everything.”

Adam later talks it through with Ian.

[Adam] “I don’t know how they’ve kept it to themselves, it’s brave of them.”

[Ian] “And kind.”

[Adam] “But not right.”

[Ian] “If these scumbags go free they could just carry on … and what if next time someone gets killed?”

[Adam] “But shouldn’t my priority be David and his family … I can’t ask David and Ruth to risk it, how could I live with myself if something happened?”

Ian tells Adam about how horrific an experience it was to live through Adam being attacked. Unconscious. Not knowing if Adam would live, be brain damaged.

[Ian] “It was hell, for other too, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody else. Now please, let’s just let David do what he has to do.”

Quite right Ian.

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