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David thumps Adam: Mon 25.06.12

The Archers Monday 25th June 2012
  • Ruth’s still not listening
  • David spots someone in the security camera
  • How old is Vicky?
  • Vicky and Hayley hit the shops

Ruth’s still not listening

And David’s generally muttering monosyllabic answers to her.

Until she mentions that she’s told the headmasters at Ben and Josh’s school about the situation at Brookfield. Which she didn’t first discuss with David.

[Ruth] “You would have told me not to do it.”

[David] “Ruth, we agreed, we weren’t going public.”

[Ruth] “Everything’s changed David … I don’t like acting on me own like this … I told them that we’re moving the kids away, somewhere safe.”

[David] “That is really out of line Ruth. We haven’t decided anything as yet … I want them here and safe, as you know.”

[Ruth] “Well, too bad.”

David spots someone in the security camera

Just as David and Ruth’s argument is building up steam, David sees something in the camera. It looks like a person, too tall and moving too fast to be Bert. Whoever it is, they are heading for the grain store.

[David] “Right!”

He tells Ruth to hit the panic alarm, and rushes out to confront the tall, fast moving person.

When David gets into the grain store, we hear grunts and a struggle. Then:

[Adam] “What the hell!?!”

David explains that he didn’t know who he was tackling, and that he was worried it was someone out to steal or vandalise.

[Adam, incredulous] “In broad daylight, in a grain store, up a ladder??? … You’ve got to chill out, you can just wade in like that .. .it’ll be you up on some assault charge.”

David concurs. And apologises again.

Adam had only been there to check the grain hygrometer readings.

Though he didn’t explain why he was moving fast.

When David gets back to Ruth, she’s just as furious as Adam. She uses it as another example of why they have to get the kids away, and also now as a reason to tell Adam what’s been happening.

[David] “Please Ruth. Don’t put that pressure on me too.”

How old is Vicky?

Trying to second guess what a 14 year old girl is into these days, Vicky mentions:

[Vicky] “Oh I remember being 14, I went from Tucker Jenkins to Jason Donovan overnight”

That’s tricky.

On Googling it, Tucker was in Grange Hill from 1978 to 1982. Tucker’s Luck was 1983 to 1985. Jason Donovan was in Neighbours 1986 to 1989. But was in the charts from 1988 until the early nineties.

So – if Vicky changed from Tucker to Jason, that must have been around 1986. If Vicky was 14 at the time, she’s must be 40.

BUT, surely Vicky wouldn’t have had her 40th without a grand old fuss?

Vicky and Hayley hit the shops

Hayley is still very worried that she doesn’t know what Phoebe likes any more.

[Vicky] “Oh, you’re getting yourself into a  right old tizzy … stop it, it’s Phoebe’s bedroom not the Sistine Chapel … I bet you chatted more in a  week than most teenagers and mums do in a month.”

[Hayley] “The trouble is, I can’t bear to call Kate and ask for advice. It’s silly.”

[Vicky] “No it isn’t. She a very difficult woman … she loves scoring points off you, and you deal with her very well … Mike’s every so proud of the way you handle her.”

And as Vicky pointed out before, Hayley has been speaking to Phoebe a couple of times a week since we went. And, since they were using Skype, they’ve all also had a chance to look at Phoebe’s room in South Africa. They just need to remember what they’d seen.


Then Vicky and Hayley get overexcited about what they like, rather than remember what Phoebe does like.

Vicky likes a Cinderella style:

[Hayley] “I’m not sure about those butterflies.”

[Vicky] “Well it’s a symbol. A young girl becoming a woman.”

They then spot some hearts and teddies.

[Hayley] “Oh no, not the fluff!”

What about red satin hearts?

[Hayley] “Do you think red satin’s a bit …”

[Vicky] “Boudoir. Only if the rest of her room is going to be black …”

[Hayley] “Oh go on then. If she doesn’t ;like them, I’ll put it in our room.”

They then spent many minutes debating whether they buy a rug that they really like. Hayley was worried it wouldn’t go with the carpet – so they’d have to get a new carpet as well – but Vicky points out that all they’d need is Roy and a sander to sort that …

So they get the carpet.

[Hayley] “After all, it’s not every day you welcome your daughter home!”

Aye – but it’d be good to remember that this room is meant to be for your daughter, not for you!

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