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Amy is a horrid wee lass 07.06.02

The Archers Thursday 7th June 2012
  • Amy is childish
  • “That dreadful woman from BAFF”
  • Amy is nasty

Amy is childish

Amy had taken a phone call at the Vicarage earlier in the week, where she grunted and basically said ‘whatever’ to whoever had been calling.

Turns out it was Jolene. Calling to say that Alan and Usha couldn’t have The Bull upstairs for Usha’s birthday on the night they had wanted to hold it.

Amy didn’t pass the message on.

Alan’s furious.

That Amy was trying to ruin Usha’s birthday. And that Amy made her own decision about the reason for Jolene’s call. As Alan pointed out, folks phone the vicarage for a number of reasons, often to talk about problems that are distressing them. They may just talk business to cover that they really need Alan’s help.

“That dreadful woman from BAFF”

Jennifer and Adam were at their stall, at the market, when Jennifer recognised Hattie from Borchester Against Factory Faming. Hattie was handing out leaflets.

[Hattie] “We’re just making shoppers are aware your links to industrial farming”

[Jennifer] “This is outrageous. You’re damaging our trade!”

[Hattie] “I’m simply pointing out the facts. People can make up their own minds.”

[Jennifer] “Well, I’d advise you to stop. This leaflet is probably libellous … Look, are you going to go away or do I have to call the market manager … you are conducting a personal vendetta against our family … it’s taken us years to build up this business and you just want to destroy it.”

Adam steps in, sending Jennifer back to their stall (customers were waiting).

He has a more rational discussion with Hattie. She knows Adam is also against the Super Dairy, so has a bit more respect for him. He also explains that if she continues to drive trade away from the stall selling his produce, the land he uses will likely just be folded into the Super Dairy.

[Adam] “Erm, would it compromise your principles to move a bit further away, it   is a very direct attack you’re making.”

Which Hattie does do.

[Jennifer] “I see Miss Doomsday has moved along a bit”

[Adam] “She’s idealistic yes, and probably impracticable …”

[Jennifer] “I’d like to see her run a farm … we’d all be starving  …alright, maybe she’s well intentioned.”

Jennifer also has to back down, as Hattie leafleting may get Jennifer, not Hattie, thrown out (what logic that comes from is anyone’s guess). She also had to accept that Hattie is closer to Adam’s opinions that any of the family.

Amy is nasty

After Alan shouted at Amy for not telling him about Jolene’s call, Amy has a go at Usha the moment she gets her alone.

[Amy] “You managed to turn my dad against me, again .. sitting there gloating while he had a go against me … you know your trouble, all you’ve had to think about is yourself, all your life, 50 years of having to consider no one else .. self-important job, no kids, and no chance of them arriving now to disturb your selfish life is there?!?”

[Usha] “I don’t have to listen to this. I’m ashamed of you.”

When Alan finds out, he manages to get Amy to admit that she called Usha selfish as she has no kids. Alan’s furious, again.

[Amy] “She treats me like a schoolgirl.”

[Alan] “Maybe because you’re behaving like one … this isn’t you … spite doesn’t suit you Amy. No matter how much you’re hurting.”

If I was Amy’s parent, I’d have kicked her out by now. She’s old enough to be looking after herself.

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