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Amy’s starting to scare me 05.06.12

The Archers Tuesday 5th June 2012
  • Usha bites back
  • Nic’s on heat
  • Carl is 100% definitely married, and …
  • Naughty fox (literally!)

Usha bites back

Quite right too!

Amy’s was doing her usual moody teenager routine, slopping about the kitchen. She was also complaining that Alan was away, but hadn’t told her.

[Usha] “I think you’ll find he did mention it.”

[Amy] “Yeah well, he doesn’t tell me anything anyway”

[Usha] “All I know is he was relieved to be getting away for the day!”

Amy responded that it’s actually Usha Alan’s trying to get away from – but that Usha blames anyone but herself.

(what a nerve!)

Nic’s on heat

Now we know that Nic and Will want to have a baby, but Nic is now one of many Ambridge residents who have recently been getting quite fruity. Must be because the bad weather is keeping everything indoors.

Nic cornered Will as he was coming out of the shop. She’d caught him buying more for his lunch, even though she’d made and given him sandwiches. What’s worse is that Nic knew Will wouldn’t have been adding healthy options in.

[Nic] “Oh you’re not after bananas. Chocolate bar more like!”

Nic most definitely wants her man on good, healthy food. She needs him to take care of himself.

[Nic] “It’s a special time, today and tomorrow, been checking. So give yourself an easy day if you can … I don’t want you tired out”

[Will] “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed”


As Nic was leaving, Chris came along. He noticed Will was looking pleased with himself.

[Chris] “What’s this? You on a promise tonight?”

Carl is 100% definitely married, and …

… Amy is increasingly looking to be emotionally and mentally unstable.

After Googling and speaking to Annabelle, Alice worked out Carl’s wife’s firm. Then found their website. Luckily enough, the firm seems to think putting a great depth of personal information about their employees is a good thing to do.

Alice met Amy to tell her about what she’s found out about Carl. She hasn’t taken Carl’s name, sticking with her maiden name of Barrett.

[Amy] “It’s not much of a name, Barrett, it’s not very exciting.”

[Alice] “She’s a school governor”

[Amy] “Goodness, Never a dull moment with this woman!”

[Alice] “She’s a parent governor in a primary school …”

[Amy] “No …”

[Alice] “Carl’s a father.”

[Amy] “No. No he’d have said. You must have got it wrong. … I know Carl. He’s loving. And he’s kind. He’d never have let me get that close if he was in love with whatever her name”

[Alice] “But, some guys … that’s how they are. They don’t see the contradiction in these things v… look at the facts. They’re married and they live together.”

Amy then ranted something about Carl’s wife not feeling secure enough in her marriage to change her name. And that Carl must only be with her because of the kids.

[Carl] “It’s no wonder he had to be so tough with me … he most have found it so hard when he phoned to say it was over. He was doing it for the child.”

[Alice] “The guys got a wife and a family!”

[Amy] “And he’d tried to keep it together cause that’s what he’s like. And now he’s in love with me. Oh, he must be hurting.”

Cue The Psycho theme tune … that Amy’s a real worry.

Naughty fox (literally!)

Will got home from work to find steak, followed by raspberry pavlova, on the table. And a Nic still feeling more than ready to make babies.

But, he can’t stay. A “rogue” fox has been making a nuisance of itself, and must be stopped there and then, that night.

(begs the question of how a non-rogue fox would be treated)

Nic is furious.

[Nic] “And what am I supposed to do in the meantime … this is the first time in my life I’ve been stood up for a fox”

Nic calmed down, and made Will a sandwich to take back out with him.

I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Will here.

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