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Jill tells David what to do: Mon 18.06.12

The Archers Monday 18 June 2012
  • Matt has a cunning ploy
  • Kenton wants to visit Meriel
  • Jill has a big BUT

Matt has a cunning ploy

Thought that might have been the case.

He asked Darrell to help lift the new kitchen units in at the site. And not to ask for a receipt …

[Matt] “Not that I have to explain myself to you, do I?”

[Darrell] “No, course not.”

When Darrell later on took in the delivery, he was a bit perturbed that the chap wanted cash. And that the van was just a white one – he was expecting the delivery to be from a proper company, with branded vans.

(as an aside, why it that dodgy geezers in Ambridge are also intensely patronising? The chap driving the white, unbranded van was yet another example)

When Darrell later asked Matt about the white van:

[Matt] “A mate who sometimes work for himself, it keep my costs down. … I don’t pay you to wonder Darrell, I pay you to do what I ask!”

Aye Darrell – your Matt’s man now!

Kenton wants to visit Meriel

[Kenton] “In a  year or two she’ll be off with her mates, she won’t want to spend a whole day pandering to her dad.”

Kenton had mentioned he wanted to go to New Zealand a few months back, but Jolene deftly sidestepped it. Though she understood Kenton wanted to see his kid, and though Sid’s daughter and grandson are there, it’s really not been that long since Sid died, in New Zealand.

This time, Jolene tells Kenton to have a look at prices. Which is tantamount to putting another block on the trip … though Jolene does feel some guilt. For whatever reason, Jolene later told Matt (she and Matt are hardly the best of pals):

[Jolene] “Kenton’s so gutted, I can tell.”

Jill has a big BUT

The day after the bullocks were set running free at Brookfield’s Open Farm Sunday, Jill’s over to help with the clear up.

David answers the phone:

[Jill] “It’s not one of those silly people from yesterday who wanted to sue?”

No, it was the Police.

David tells Jill that the bullocks didn’t get because of vandalism:

[David] “It was sabotage.”

Seems the Police can’t do anything (again) as there’s no evidence (again), though they have taken Josh’s film camera in case he recorded anything important without knowing.

And George is just fine:

[Jill] “His little legs were still wobbling when they took him home … I can’t believe anyone would do something that cruel … knowing there were children here”

(‘will nobody think of the children’ … goodness me!!!)

[Ruth] “That’s why they did it.”

[Jill] “Ruth, that would have been tantamount to murder!”

Then Jill gets down to business with David. Whether he wanted to or not.

[Jill] “I’m very proud of you for coming forward …and I’m sure your father would have been very proud too.”

[David] “I hope he would.”

[Ruth] “Phil believed very strongly in civic duty”

[David] “And standing up for what you believe in.”

[Jill] “Those are all wonderful qualities David …”

[David] “Mum there’s obviously a but in here somewhere.”

[Jill] “I’d just like you to stop and think a moment … the circumstances have changed …”

[David] “No. Nothing has changed. These criminals hit Adam over the head and left him to die.”

[Jill] “I want you think about Ruth and the children and their safety.”

[David] “They will be a hell of a lot safer if these violent criminals are behind bars.”

[Jill] “If, if …”

David asserts that he and Ruth have talked it through, and that they both agree David needs to go to court. And “see it through to the end.”

[David] “Isn’t that right, Ruth?”

Uh oh.

Silence from Ruth when David said that …

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