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David left home alone: Fri 29.06.12

The Archers Friday 29th June 2012
  • The gnome market isn’t holding up
  • It’s nearly the final litter pick
  • Don’t forget the DVDs and computer games!
  • David left to defend by himself
  • Brian about to be ousted?
  • David shouts at Eddie
  • Kenton STILL hasn’t done his homework

The gnome market isn’t holding up

[Eddie] “The bottom’s dropped right out of the gnome market. I just have to come up with new ideas … what about giant heads. Like the Easter Island ones, but made to look like members of your own family.”

[Kenton] “Eddie, you never cease to amaze me.”

Quite. I also can’t think of anything to say to that, Eddie.

It’s nearly the final litter pick

Lynda’s on a mission. Once again.

She’s harassing Kenton about The Bull’s hanging baskets having no water in them.

The Britain in Bloom judges are coming on Tuesday, so all has to be perfect.

Which includes a litter pick on Monday evening.

[Eddie] “I’ll tell dad. He’s looking forward to meeting the judges and the bun fight after.”

But no – it’s not that simple. Lynda won’t let just anyone get near the judges – especially those who have only just picked up a bit of litter.

Later on, Lynda’s harassment seems to have worked:

[Kenton] “The water cans at the ready as soon as the sun disappears!”

Don’t forget the DVDs and computer games!

As David and Ruth pack the car to take Ben, Josh and Ruth up to Heather’s, they have to swap things around to fit.

At one point it sounded like they were about to take out a bag full of the boys’ DVD and computer games. That would have been a horrific thing to forget!

It did later sound like Ruth was the wrong parent to send to drive the kids. She took a rather roundabout way to Heather's:

[David] “Waterly Cross? What on earth are you doing in Waterly Cross?”

David left to defend by himself

Which  I still think is daft. Surely David’s the one the gang really wants to get to. Couldn’t he even have a mate to stay over while Ruth is away?

Anyway, no one seems to have thought of that (or David).

[David] “Without anyone to chat to, I’ll end up taking shorter breaks.”

And Jill will bring him food.

When David later calls Ruth to check they’re settled with Heather:

[Ruth] “Fine thanks. She’s just punched to see us. Those she’s upset, obviously.”

David tells Ruth that a heifer was born tonight with no problems. And That Pip was staying in with Spencer to watch a DVD.

They both end the phone call by saying they love each other.

Last words?

I hope not.

(and probably not … ?)

Brian about to be ousted?

It’s a BL Board meeting, and that bloke Gerry is harassing Brian about only getting the agenda and the minutes yesterday. Brian apologises, but explains he’s been a tad hectic.

[Brian] “Surely I don’t need to remind you what happened to my stepson?”

[Gerry] “Well if you’re not up to keeping on top of things,. Maybe it’s time someone else had a turn.”

Actually – I think Brian has a cheek using Adam as an excuse …

When Brian is later out to dinner with Jennifer, Gerry calls. He wants to talk about milk prices.

[Gerry] “So what makes you think this is a good time to be investing in dairy?”

[Brian] “Perhaps you’ll do me the courtesy of accepting that I know a bit about farming!”

Brian explains to Gerry that he wouldn’t be daft enough to base a long term business venture on short term market trends.

[Brian] “You can safely leave all that to me, while you retire to the club house with your wife and plan how tom spend all the money I’ll be making for you. Cheers!”


Is there still hope that the BL Board will pull the plug on the Super Dairy?

David shouts at Eddie

Eddie’s away quoting a woman for a landscaping job – but he’s meant to be at Brookfield covering Ruth’s milking.

David is not amused.

[Eddie] “But this woman’s a barrister, she works all over the country, if I can’t do a quote this afternoon she’ll get somebody else!”

[David] “Eddie, if you don’t get back to Brookfield you won’t be working here again!”

David does calm down and agrees to get the cows in for Eddie, but he’s not a happy bunny and still expects Eddie to come to Brookfield without delay.

When Eddie gets to Brookfield:

[Eddie] “I still don’t understand why you couldn’t cut me some slack … times are hard for everyone, not just dairy farmers.”

David does grudgingly apologise for shouting. Especially when he agrees that they hadn’t actually told Eddie when Ruth was leaving.

On David being left home alone:

[Eddie] “With that beast of Lynda Snells and one thing and another, it’s a good job you’re not the sort to let your imagination run away with you.”

WHY don’t they just tell everyone? David would be far safer with a few extra neighbours to help out.

Kenton STILL hasn’t done his homework

[Lynda] “Frankly, I was quite disappointed by your feeble efforts at last week’s committee meeting, pretending you had everything in hand … do you think I was born yesterday.”

Kenton claims he has definite plans. Lynda doesn’t believe him.

She tells him of her amazing plans. “Top billing”, “an amazing coup d’état”, something about a performance by young people.

[Lynda] “It will take the whole, village by storm I’m sure.”

Kenton returns with something about team events. Competitors of 4. And … erm … that’s all he had.

[Lynda] “And do what exactly?”

[Kenton] “Well you have your secrets, I have mine … all will be revealed soon enough.”

Hah! Kenton has nothing. But will no doubt pull something spectacular out with no time to spare.

I actually feel sorry for Lynda. She goes to such dedicated efforts, only to be upstaged.

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