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It’s all about Emma: Sun 01.07.12

The Archers Sunday 1st July 2012
  • Ruth’s back
  • Emma, Emma, Emma
  • Has David lost all sense?
  • Don’t race cars with Neil
  • Chilli and rice at Brookfield

Ruth’s back

[Emma] “I don’t know how he’s managed to keep going this last week.”

Emma and Ed also talked about how odd it was for David to sound off at Ed the other day.

When Ruth gets back in, David tells her that Tog (who’s being a tad annoying) is missing Josh and Ben. As is David.

Heather’s up to her usual:

[Ruth] “She sent you half a tonne of marmalade.”

And Ruth feels lost to be home without her kids.

[Ruth] “They do feel very far away, but I’m glad even so.”

But Josh and Ben are safe. And still having to do their homework.

(out of interest – are kids now able to get their homework online? Ruth said something about Josh having to log into the school website)

[Ruth] “I’m just relieved they’re off the farm.”

As is David. He agrees that they couldn’t have gone on trying to keep tabs on the kids.

[David] “At least now we can just concentrate in the harvest.”

Though it is too quiet now at Brookfield.

Let’s hope it does stay quiet for a fair while.

Emma, Emma, Emma

Seriously, that’s all Emma ever thinks about.

[Emma] “But what if they did something again and we were in the way, anything could happened should have pulled out when I said.”

Actually, Emma is quite right that she (or Ed, Keira and George) could get hurt. The gang didn’t care about those visitors to Open Farm Sunday being in the way of those bullocks.

But it’s the way she always seem to talk and think about herself first – well above Ed, Keira and George, let alone any non-family.

She’s putting the pressure on Ed not to go on the badger vaccination course, when he’s only doing it to be able to earn more money. Something they badly need since Emma quit working regularly at Lower Loxley.

Later on:

[Ed] “Emma, George just told me he and Keira are off on their holiday. It’s news to me.”

Emma’s told Susan about what’s been happening. And has decided to take herself, Keira and George off to stay at Susan’s.

[Emma] “I just won’t feel safe without you here. I have told you!”

And she wants Ed to drive them there now.

They go to Brookfield first to tell David and Ruth. Ruth gives Emma marmalade Heather had also sent down for them:

[Ruth] “She makes enough to feed an army every year, so you’ll be doing her a favour.”

Though Ruth isn’t as jolly when Emma tells them of their plans.

[Ruth] “Feels a bit like rats leaving a sinking ship, doesn’t it.”

At Susan’s, Susan is fussing and delighted to have them there. She’s especially keen to make sure the pillowcases are allocated properly:

[Susan] “Make sure George gets his Fireman Sam.”

And on the Brookfield being threatened saga:

[Susan] “It’s terrible they should be put in the position of having to send their kids away. What is the world coming to?”

As Ed gets ready to leave Emma and his kids, he sounds beyond upset.

[Emma] “I hope I’ve done the right thing.”


Was that Emma sensing that she might have stopped to think about someone else for a change?

I don’t disagree with Emma leaving Rickyard for a few days, but I do take umbrage with the way she’s treated Ed.

Has David lost all sense?

David was talking about going to the Borchester Show on Wednesday.

[David] “If only to keep up appearances .. I’d rather we didn’t have to go public on what’s actually been happening here.”

[Ruth] “You think this is still a private problem?”

She then lists everyone who knows. That very long list includes Susan. Which means it’ll be common knowledge in no time.

So David later decides not to go to the show. Helen and Tony will be there anyway, so can tell me the gossip.

[David] “Anyway. There’s no way I want to leave you here on your own.”

Very sensible indeed.

But very daft to think a secret can be kept in Ambridge for any amount of time. Especially when Susan knows.

Don’t race cars with Neil

Even with kids, he insists on playing to the letter:

[Susan] “He’s like a big kid himself, arguing the toss about the rules.”

Chilli and rice at Brookfield

Even without anything in, Ruth still manages to make more than a pizza.

She even cooks too much rice.

[Ruth] “I’m so used to cooking for five.”

Now, steady on Ruth.

You’ll have us believing you create culinary delights for your family every day of the week!

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