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Kate is up to adult naughtiness: Thurs 05/07/12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 5th July
  • Lucas needs his suit
  • Phoebe wants to stay
  • At least Lucas is a good dad
  • Lucas’ family adds to the pressure
  • Kate + Johan = bad decision making

Lucas needs his suit

To be specific, his blue one.

[Lucas] “Kate, you could at least pretend you care.”

Difficult for Kate to do so. She is Kate, after all. So generally has no care for anyone who isn’t Kate.

And Lucas isn’t caring about what her thoughts are on him going for this new job, and possibly moving her and their family. So why should she care in turn? Especially when he only mentions his suit in the context of him wanting Kate to collect it from the drycleaners.

Phoebe wants to stay

So – Phoebe has a friend called Mandisa. Mandisa’s sister is going out with Milton. Milton is the chap who drove Phoebe home the other week. Phoebe, and Mandisa, fancy Milton. He’s seemingly “hot”, has a great car and has a rich dad.

Though Milton seems to see Phoebe just as a kid.

Milton tells Mandisa that he and his pals are going to go camping in August. Mandisa begs for herself and Phoebe to get to go with them. Even though it’s after Phoebe is booked to fly home.

[Mandisa] “So there’s only one answer, don’t go back to England, stay here for longer.”

At least Lucas is a good dad

Lucas certainly makes up for Kate being a rubbish mum (though the jury is out on whether Lucas is a bad ‘un, which shows up in the way he treats Kate – or if Kate has driven him to act like a bad ‘un because of the way she’s treated him).

While he’s away for the job interview, Kate also has to go into work. So she’s got Lucas’ mum looking after their young ‘uns, while Phoebe’s off out with her pals.

Only Lucas has concerns about Phoebe being out. Especially after what happened the other night:

[Lucas] “Right here, on our own doorstep.”

[Kate] “It was only a local boy, messing around.”

[Lucas] “She shouldn’t taking these risks … and if you don’t understand it either … undermining my authority whenever I try and warn her … it’s about keeping our kids safe and well, isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?”

Indeed they are.

But Kate does not concur. She reckons she’s trying to give Phoebe “space” to enjoy herself before she has to go back to Ambridge. Which is rubbish. This is about Kate wanting what Kate wants. And not giving a hoot about whether her ‘daughter’ is safe.

Typical Kate indeed.

Lucas’ family adds to the pressure

Kate bumps into Luca’s dad Michael while she’s at work in the University.

[Michael] “I’m wearing my wise old academic’s hat this afternoon.”

But down to business – Michael wants Kate to put herself to one side for Lucas’ career:

[Michael] “He’s too proud to complain, but his job here was getting him nowhere  ... he’s overqualified … he’ll have a chance to punch his full weight and make him so happy … I know you’ll support him.”

Hmmm. That sounded like Michael telling Kate what to do.


Kate + Johan = bad decision making
As predicted, Kate gets up to naughtiness with her colleague. A bloke called Johan (Roux?)

[Johan] “Hey, you’re a marvel, a real wonder woman … has anyone ever told you that?”

[Kate] “No, not lately … What am I going to do. He just won’t listen to me … I can’t go away and leave all this … everything I care about. It’s been so hard, I’ve been so lonely.”

[Johan] “Kate, you deserve better than this.”

[Kate] “The whole family is against me. Pushing me into a corner.”

They kiss.

[Johan] “Does that help?”

[Kate] “This is wrong. I shouldn’t.”

[Johan] “Sometimes when I’m with you, I just want to be with you, to reach out and hold you … You are a brilliant, wonderful, wise, very beautiful young woman, any man would be so lucky to have you. Let me take care of you. I won’t let you down.”

[Kate] “Is this really happening … it’s just so strange for me.”

Just as they’re kissing again, Phoebe calls.

Kate tells Phoebe she’s busy, while Johan is pushing Kate to be quick so that they can get back to their petting.

Phoebe asks if she can stay an extra month.

[Kate] “Well, maybe … yes, yes, alright then, you can stay.”

Oh for pity sake!

I know we could all see that coming but there’s always hope that Kate won’t turn out to be as bad as we think Kate to be. Well, hope until Kate opens her mouth.

Hayley, Roy, Vicky, Mike, Jennifer, Brian … et al will be so pleased to hear of Kate’s carefully considered decision.

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