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Phoebe finally realises Kate’s not mum material? Thurs 12.07.l12

Ambridge Extra Thursday 12th July 2012
  • Kate doesn’t know the “coolest sounds”   
  • Now the South African older ‘uns are randy
  • Lucas and Kate are skint?
  • Kate makes a promise
  • Kate abandons Phoebe
  • Phoebe’s a natural saleswoman
  • Johan’s a real bad ‘un
  • Phoebe catches Kate at it

Kate doesn’t know the “coolest sounds”

And boy wasn’t she irritated by it! Phoebe was waxing lyrical about some of the latest hit pop combos, none of which Kate knew.

Phoebe then wanted to go out with her pals rather than go shopping with her mum (though she relented after Kate nearly threw a tantrum)

Time Kate accepted she’s no longer a young ‘un!

Now the South African older ‘uns are randy

What on earth is happening to the older generation of Ambridge related folks?

Michael and Delia were almost at ‘it’.

Enough already!

Turns those microphones off at such moment, please. We’ll end up with The Archers after the watershed.

Lucas and Kate are skint?

Sounds like it.

Delia and Michael were talking about Lucas’ new job offer.

[Delia] “Lucas can’t afford to turn down, literally.”

[Michael] “I think Kate is so wrapped up in her own world, she sometimes forgets that Lucas is the breadwinner.”

Sounds like Kate would have much of a choice but to move.

Kate makes a promise

Oh dear.

[Kate] “Phoebe. nothing’s going to interfere with your camping trip. And that’s a promise.”

Uh oh …

Kate abandons Phoebe

Yet again!

Johan texts Kate. Kate tells Phoebe it’s her mate Becky, who has been taken to hospital.

Kate then leaves Phoebe in the shopping centre. Alone.

[Kate] “Here's some money. Buy yourself a pizza or something.”

Nice parenting!

Though to be fair, Delia is close by with her pottery stall.

Still very shoddy, though.

Phoebe’s a natural saleswoman

Seems Phoebe has some of Kate’s gift of the gab.

She does go to see Delia (well, who else could she turn to). Delia encourages her to try and make a few sales. Which Phoebe does, rather well.

[Delia] “Go on like this and you'll soon be selling fridges to Eskimos.”

Johan’s a real bad ‘un

He texted Kate to allegedly helped him with a course he’s putting together.

Though he was obviously after a bit more than just advice.

He’s seeing other women. Gets warned off by Michael. And still interrupts Kate and her family.

Dodgy bloke indeed.

Phoebe catches Kate at it

(well not in reality, just virtually)

[Phoebe] “The things about my mum, most time she's great, just not very reliable.”

(what an understatement!)

Phoebe called Mandisa from the shopping centre, and met up with her to go back to Phoebe’s.

They’re about to go onto Kate’s laptop, looking at the jeans Kate promised Phoebe they’d be buying today (but ran off to see Johan instead).

Mandisa manages to crack Kate’s laptop password (one of her kid’s birthday). She notices Kate has email, and looks.

[Mandisa, reading out the email] “Hey, what, kiss kiss missing you already …”

[Phoebe] “Oh Mandisa no, that's Lucas, I’m not listening!”

[Mandisa] “You;re the sexiest volunteer ...”

Oh. They realise it’s not Lucas.

[Phoebe] “Some kind of a joke?”

Then she notices the time of the email. It was moments before Kate sped off to see Becky in hospital …

[Phoebe] “She went t be with him. Oh mum!”

Oh dear. But, Phoebe did have to realise it sooner or later.

(I don’t understand why Johan was emailing Kate while also texting her. Maybe just a cute message for when she left him and went back home … but teenage stuff, surely?)

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