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Amazonian girls’ cricket team: Fri 06.07.12

The Archers Friday 6th July 2012
  • Jennifer’s cropping
  • Debbie’s stressed
  • Public School agrees with Ruairi
  • Brookfield’s full again
  • Jennifer wants to party
  • What products has Susan to place?
  • George is wrecking Susan’s house
  • Jamie’s scared of girls
  • What did Jamie add to Kenton’s list?
  • David and Ruth finally agree

Jennifer’s cropping

[Jennifer] “Could you just be careful where you’re putting your feet, Brian!”

She need to get her courgettes in before they turn into marrows.

At mine, we have to gets ours in before the slugs have them!

Debbie’s stressed

So says Brian. Something to do with the Super Dairy.

It’s a real shame, but I could care less about Debbie these days. She’s turned into a right nasty, money focused person.

I thought she’d have been the last one to follow in Brian’s footsteps.

Public School agrees with Ruairi

So says Jennifer.

He’s trying lots of new foods (including ratatouille), and seems to be loving his time there.

[Jennifer] “He’s sounding, well, very confident.”

(I only hope his accent is also improving. Not that I want him to lose the Irish accent – just to lose the bizarre form of an Irish accent he seems to have developed).

Brookfield’s full again

Which both David and Ruth are happy about.

Jennifer wants to party

It would seem Ambridge is having good summer weather at the moment. Unlike the rest of us.

[Jennifer] “Everything smells so wonderful.”

So Jennifer wants to throw a family party. She wants to celebrate.

Course, Brian automatically thinks it’s to celebrate his success with the Super Dairy, and with managing to keep the BL Board in check.

Jennifer was more thinking about celebrating that Ruairi is home. That Phoebe will be home. And that Adam is still alive.

Though has Jennifer forgotten she’ll need to invite the Horrobins? They’re family as well. Mind you, she does have a wee special liking for Keith …

What products has Susan to place?

Susan has a wee go at Kenton for not being organised about the community games.

[Susan] “It is a bit difficult with people not knowing what they’re signing up for … Lynda’s steaming ahead.”

Seems Lynda’s infamous performance art will involve actors all over the village.

[Susan] “It might be an opportunity for some product placements.”


What’s Susan got to place?

Unless she’s thinking of something to do with Bridge Farm.

George is wrecking Susan’s house

Though we haven’t heard Neil moan about it, from Susan’s saying, it sounds like Emma, Keira and George staying at theirs isn’t exactly working out for them.

George is ruining their carpets, with all his cake crumbs.

And Emma was about to tell Susan about something to do with George and an Owl ornament, but stopped with Susan started telling her how much sentimental value it had …

… oh dear. That’ll be a broken ornament then.

Emma might have to move back to Rickyard, gang or no gang.

Jamie’s scared of girls

The St Mag’s girls, to be exact.

He stops to talk to Kenton while he (Jamie) is on a 5 mile run.

Jamie and the rest of the cricket lads have stepped up their training. They’re terrified of playing the St Mags girls’ cricket team. Kenton’s not helping matters:

[Kenton] “Could be a case for post-match counselling I think! ,,, Amazonians … they have been known to lose. Just not in recent memory.”

Alistair has also been telling everyone to come and watch the match.

No pressure there then …

What did Jamie add to Kenton’s list?

Jamie was very unimpressed by the list of games Kenton has down for the Community Games. So he took it away to add to it.

Jamie later gave it back, but we weren’t told what new had been added.

David and Ruth finally agree

[David] “I’ve decided I’m going to pull out. I’m not going to give evidence.”

[Ruth] “You’re only doing that for me, aren’t you.”

[David] “Well, you and the kids.”

[Ruth] “I’ve been doing some thinking too. I don’t want you to…. I want to nail them, once and for all, see them in prison.”

[David] “Why the change of heart?”

[Ruth] “Something Kenton said. It stayed with me … We’re on the same side again, aren’t we?”

[David] “Thank goodness!”


So the gang now has to deal with a united from at Brookfield. That won’t be a doddle for them.


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