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Keith’s a firestarter? Fri 13.07.12

The Archers Friday 13th July
  • Adam wants David to stop
  • Churches should provide ashtrays
  • Keith has a limp …
  • Keith sounds guilty …
  • Keith left early …
  • Jumping to conclusions?
  • Annabelle doesn’t do puddings

Adam wants David to stop

Adam’s brought round some straw for Brookfield, though they’ll have to buy in their own hay. The insurance should cover it, but we all know how long insurance can take …

Adam’s beyond horrified:

[Adam] “I know you said you'd stand firm, but a line's been crossed here, they really mean business, they don’t care about people’s lives ... I couldn't live with myself.”

But, as David has got to this stage, the Police are now willing to do a bit more for him (it would seem). They’ll have two on duty at Brookfield, plus step-up drive rounds.

So, with that and his cameras and security lights, David feels quite confident he and his family are safe.

[Adam] “So, how come you don’t have a barn?”


Churches should provide ashtrays

[Tracey] “What are you supposed to do with your fag ends around here?”

[Ed] “I dunno. not smoke in the first place, I suppose.”

[Tracey] “And they wonder why people don’t go to church!”

Ah – Tracey, pure class. Especially at her brother’s daughter’s wedding!

It’s all “petal and powders”. That won’t be the way Tracey will have her do.

[Tracey] “Me and Ifti. When we get hitched. I want us coming in on elephants.” 
[Ed] “In Ambridge?”

[Tracey] “In India!”

Oh good lord!

Tracey would be funny, if she wasn’t verging on being racist.

Ifti’s probably from Oxford.

Keith has a limp …

Oh, does he now?

And he got it falling over a hamster?

Hmmm …

Keith sounds guilty …

[Tracey] “I wish mum was here to see it. She'd be so chuffed you’d done good.”

You could actually hear Keith turning red at that.

Later on, he was joking with Emma about burnt sausage rolls, after she’d made mention of a fire.

He was horrified to realise that she’d meant the Brookfield one. That she had been there. Keith thought she’d been at Susan’s.

[Keith] “I’d no idea. So sorry.”

[Emma] “I’ve never been so scared in my life”

[Keith] “I’m so, so sorry. I really am.”

Hmmm …

Keith left early …

From the blokes do at the do. On the night of the fire at Brookfield.

[Tracey] “Can't take your beer, tripping over hamsters!”

Hmmm …

Jumping to conclusions?

Emma’s putting everything together, and coming up with her uncle Keith as the firestarter.

[Emma] “How likely is that .. it could be a convenient excuse ... he kept saying he was sorry, so sorry ... like it was his fault ... it could have been …”

[Ed] “It could have been anyone, it can't be ...”

[Emma] “When you put it all together ...”

See – Uncle Keith, the firestarter!

Would seem that could indeed be the case.

I wonder …

Annabelle doesn’t do puddings

But she does do panic, on behalf of Brian. Especially when Brian refuses to panic.

I have no idea why Annabelle does that.

She’s got herself in a tizzy about the arable contract. Seems Annabelle is worried that other BL Board members have been telling other companies to tender.

Brian doesn’t seem bothered. He thinks he and Home Farm can do better price and value.

Actually, must admit I’m not that bothered either …

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